Modern Pain Care Podcast

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Review by Jarod Hall, PT, DPT, and Michael Connors, PT, DPT, PhD

Modern Pain Care Podcast is a podcast dedicated to enhancing the education and awareness of pain science in neuromusculoskeletal physical therapy.

“From Scratch”: Radio Show and Podcast

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Review by Ingrid Sparrow, PT

In both health care and business we are being challenged to adapt to new technologies and to innovate to improve our care and our business. This is both exciting and exhausting. When I am looking for inspiration, I can count on the weekly radio show and podcast “From Scratch” to pique my curiosity and lift my spirits.

Evidence in Motion

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Reviewed by Subha Nagasubramanian, PT, DPT, MS

Reading up on varied subjects has always been a passion of mine. But with a three-year-old and a practice to run, time is at a premium. I bike to work so that is my time to listen and catch up on audiobooks and podcasts. One that I enjoy is the Evidence in Motion podcast (, also available wherever you get your podcasts. The speakers are vibrant and ahead of the game on a variety of fronts. They launched May 2016 and post a new episode every few days. A major draw for me is that it has both clinical and entrepreneurial episodes. Even better is that they are short, 15 to 30 minutes for most episodes. If you prefer reading, this team also put out one of the first multiauthored physical therapy blogs.

Physical Therapy Business School Podcast

By Paul Gough | Reviewed by Anthony Sinacore, PT, DPT

When I was a traveling physical therapist working in the home health setting in rural Texas, I spent a lot of time driving on dusty backroads. With cell phone service scarce and a lot of time to myself [and boy is there a lot of open land down there], I realized that my time could be better spent learning something rather than listening to the same old iPod playlists. So I started pre-downloading various physical therapy podcasts, particularly those that discussed my goal of becoming an entrepreneur or private practitioner. This is how I stumbled across Paul Gough’s Physical Therapy Business School Podcast.

The New Graduate’s Perspective on the Value of Podcasts


A review of the Therapy Insider Podcast.

By Benjamin White, PT, DPT

I got started listening to podcasts after my final clinical rotation. My clinical instructor, who was an expert clinician in the field of sports medicine, told me that “The best way to sound like an expert is to listen to experts.” Up until that point I had been reluctant to search out and find podcasts. With his encouragement and prodding I found myself downloading my first podcast, an episode by the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) on the clinical diagnoses and management of acute and chronic tendinopathy. At the time it was very relevant for my caseload, which was part of a rotation in the training department of a university. We were just starting to see athletes who were ramping up their track season while at the same time managing the residual injuries in athletes from the football season. As a student on a clinical rotation, I liked that I could listen to the various topics being covered and then compare and contrast how I would answer the questions posed to the guest as opposed to how they answered them. It was a great way to see where there may be differences in approach and really helped me to develop my clinical confidence.

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