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Creating an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’

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Show appreciation to employees, patients, and your community.

By Heidi Rose Bender, MBA

What does gratitude truly mean and how can you create a culture of gratitude within your organization? The Brittanica Dictionary defines gratitude as “a feeling of appreciation or thanks.” As a practice owner, you want to ensure your employees and patients know how thankful you are for them and to them. In keeping with that sentiment, you want to create an atmosphere of appreciation – but where do you start? Creating a culture of gratitude in your practice starts from the top down. For clinic owners and administrators to develop a complete culture of gratitude, employees, patients, and the community at large must all be considered. Each audience is equally important in fully embracing an “attitude of gratitude.”

Building a Culture of Inclusion

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Questions to help assess your practice’s DEI progress

By Shannon O’Kelley, MPT

What is meant by “inclusion in the workplace”? What does it mean to you and the people of your organization? According to the Society for Human Resource Management, inclusion can be defined as “the achievement of a work environment in which all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, have equal access to opportunities and resources, and contribute fully to the organization’s success.”1 I’m sure most of us feel that we agree with this definition, and most of us feel that we live by this definition with our employees.

How to Terminate an Employee: Document, Document, Document

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By Allen Andrascik, Esq

“Document, document, document” is the mantra that most, if not all, employment lawyers will tell their clients, big or small, who are faced with a problem employee who may ultimately need to be discharged for not measuring up to expectations. It is never an easy task to confront having to let an employee go, especially when your business or organization has invested time and energy into training the employee to become an integral part of your operation.

Recruitment and Hiring: A Full Strategy

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By Tracy Maxwell, MA, and Eric Baughman, BS

The challenging processes of hiring and recruiting have never made for a simple recipe. Now, just to add some flavor, throw in a global pandemic that has created new hiring challenges, and sometimes even chaos. In order to find and hire quality employees, it is now more important than ever to have a clear and concise full hiring strategy in place.

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