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Stepping into New Experiences

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How the Administrators Certificate program enhances the Annual Conference

By Nathan Risley

“What am I doing here?” is a question for nearly anyone who takes a job, a role, or responsibility for the first time. It can be a question of process and how one impacts it directly. It could be a question of purpose, reflecting on the opportunity from the lens of a person’s values and mission. When I first stepped into an administrative role in physical therapy, it was a question of my abilities or perceived lack of abilities and skills, to effectively do the job and to faithfully support the team I had been made a part of.

Building a Culture of Compliance


Best practices to foster adherence

By Nuket Curran, PT, DPT

Culture and compliance aren’t always two words that seem to naturally fit together in the same sentence. I would argue that there are no two words that are better suited together when talking about healthcare organizations’ best practices.

Why? Because one begets the other.

Unconscious Bias in Private Practice

magnifying glass

Awareness of a key issue that may impact patient care and relationships with co-workers

By Kevin Valadares, PhD

Every day, clinicians encounter a variety of sources of information while making decisions that range from the short-term practical to the long-term strategic. As they confront more information and have to promptly respond while considering varying rules, regulations, and policies, they are primed to rely on biased thinking called unconscious bias.1

Creating Sustainability in the Front Office

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Implement companywide continued education in emotional and mental health

By Chey Bushong-Gearardo

The front office staff of a physical therapy clinic is the moving gear to the operation. If we removed that gear from the practice today, could the motor continue working? With trends like “quiet quitting” and record turnover rates within healthcare, it is more important than ever that companies create a sustainable front office. Organizations that prioritize operational transparency, clinical innovation, and enhanced company culture have engaged employees who produce revenue and get people “back to their best self.”

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