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How to Terminate an Employee: Document, Document, Document

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By Allen Andrascik, Esq

“Document, document, document” is the mantra that most, if not all, employment lawyers will tell their clients, big or small, who are faced with a problem employee who may ultimately need to be discharged for not measuring up to expectations. It is never an easy task to confront having to let an employee go, especially when your business or organization has invested time and energy into training the employee to become an integral part of your operation.

Recruitment and Hiring: A Full Strategy

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By Tracy Maxwell, MA, and Eric Baughman, BS

The challenging processes of hiring and recruiting have never made for a simple recipe. Now, just to add some flavor, throw in a global pandemic that has created new hiring challenges, and sometimes even chaos. In order to find and hire quality employees, it is now more important than ever to have a clear and concise full hiring strategy in place.

Time After Time: Managing Workflows by Frequency

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Plan for weekly, monthly, and yearly time frames

By Nathan Risley

Creating better habits will always be on your to-do list. Intentional and automated actions are excellent tools to streamline efficiency. For myself, I have found that this becomes an all-or-nothing exercise in changing my ways. If I have something that I can make a daily task for, it is almost always a low effort to make it routine for me. After a week or two, it works into my daily checklist with ease.

How to Build Your Finance Team

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Steps to bring reporting in house

By Janet Carbary

You’ve arrived — you’ve started your own practice, you’ve hired employees, and you’re helping your clients’ health improve. What you need now is a finance team to help manage your practice.

Management Tips: Streamlining Your Process

By Emily Smolak, MS

Creating and maintaining a well-oiled, profitable, quality-care practice is no small task. We all struggle with managing inefficiencies, from payment models to workflows to communication and beyond. Unfortunately, those inefficiencies are not forgiving in this challenging, reimbursement-driven environment and create a sense of chaos even in the most calm of personalities. That is why fine-tuning your processes—i.e., streamlining—is more crucial now than ever.

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