Plan to Succeed by Planning Ahead

person writing on whiteboard

Use long-term planning to avoid the last-minute surprises that can prevent your practice from running smoothly

By Elizabeth Baxter, MS

In a private practice, you develop a rhythm for managing daily tasks. Checking email, seeing patients, tending to equipment, reviewing daily billing, meeting with staff members — the repetition inherent in all of these tasks makes them easy to remember. Even weekly occurrences, such as running KPIs and responding to employees’ PTO requests, can develop a memorable cadence. Monthly occurrences, though, often surprise us, never mind annual concerns like reviewing your lease or getting started on your taxes.

Dream, Believe, Execute — Repeat

rock staircase overgrown with weeds

Execute the steps needed to avoid obstacles and move your practice forward

By Beth Winkler

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we love to dream. It’s in our blood. It’s why we took the risk to go out on our own. But a dream and a vision can only take us so far. We have to be able to execute, which involves a detailed plan with goals and targets. For many of us dreamers, this can prove to be a challenge. It is crucial to break goals up into small, doable steps.

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