Tips for the Holiday Season

Honor diversity by enhancing your office celebrations

By Kristen Wilson, PT, DPT

Planning office celebrations around the holidays can be a difficult task. Trying to meet every team member’s needs and upholding respect for the diversity of your workplace can leave the business owner unsure of whether celebrating is worth the risk of offending someone. But thoughtful consideration of how to host can yield a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. For the upcoming holiday season, consider some of these tips to enhance your office celebrations while honoring diversity.

The Guaranteed ROI of Mentoring

Piggy bank

Guide your team members from the beginning

By Steven L. Line, PT

The number one question I get asked by students lately at career fairs is if we have a mentorship program. What they are really asking is, “Will you train, develop, and help me reach my potential?” My response is always a resounding, “Yes!”

Boosting Employee Morale: Strategies for Clinic Owners

PT and patient working on hand strength training

Seven key areas to help your employees

By Troy Bage

In the field of physical therapy, the success of a clinic depends not only on providing quality care but also on the morale and motivation of its employees. Employee morale plays a crucial role in creating a positive work environment, enhancing patient outcomes, and promoting clinic growth. As a clinic owner, it’s essential to prioritize strategies that boost employee morale and create a thriving workplace. In this article, we will explore effective strategies specifically tailored to the physical therapy profession.

Social Media to Market and Engage with a New Generation

man holding phone

Find your audience

By Tracey Pugliese, PT

Social media has become a digital arena that places marketing as the gladiator of the show, fighting for attention and favor from society in an endless battle. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube are some of the leading arenas for all ages across the lifespan. While these platforms began as a way for everyday people to connect, it has also evolved into a toolbox for marketing. With so many options, it can be very overwhelming to consider which social media platform would best suit your business needs. It has become crucial for marketers and small business owners to understand current social media trends and evolving behaviors on these platforms as a way to reach their intended audience.

Be Ready for When the Blue Suits Come Knocking

man in blue suit with pink tie

What to consider for mergers or acquisitions

By Nuket Curran, PT, DPT, and Michael Piekutoski, MPT

You’ve been humming along picking up speed as a physical therapy practice owner and growing over the years or maybe slowing down and thinking about retirement. Ta-da, you are approached by a company that is offering you a merger with or acquisition of your company. What to do first? Don’t hold your breath and hope it all works out, turning “blue in the face.” Here are some action items to help you breathe deeply and calmly approach the opportunity.

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