“The Feedback Fallacy”

Feedback Fallacy

Be more constructive with your criticism.

By Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall | Reviewed by Gina Kim, PT, DPT, PTA

“Study disease and you will learn a lot about disease and precious little about health… If you study failure, you’ll learn a lot about failure but nothing about how to achieve excellence. Excellence has its own pattern.”1

Balancing on the Wire

High Wire Act

Three key considerations for achieving great work–life balance.

Review of Scheduling Software by Shon Isenhour*

Work–life balance is something we all talk about but few of us do well.

Get Engaged Using Neuroleadership

heads containing gears
By Gina Kim, SPT, PTA

“The role of the sympathetic nervous system is often illustrated by describing the physiologic response to fear. When a person feels threatened, the sympathetic nervous system prepares for vigorous muscle activity, that is, for fight or flight.”1

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