Committee Chair Letter

Michelle Collie
By Michelle Collie, PT, DPT, MS

With the pandemic came challenges—to our personal lives and businesses, the physical therapy profession, and health care in its entirety.

We all had to stand back and figure out how our practices would not only survive, but prosper. I am encouraged that the marketing and PR committee report is in the Impact edition with the theme of “Wealth Management: Your Financial Future.” This gives a clear message that our financial security and success requires us to all acknowledge the need for strategic marketing in our practices. Our financial future could well depend on our marketing and public relations campaigns!

The pandemic provided us with a unique opportunity to rebrand and redefine the value of our services in our communities. We are no longer focusing our marketing campaigns on pain and impairments; now, our messaging emphasizes movement, health and prevention, long-term savings, and physical therapy first. This shift is proving valuable in evolving the public’s awareness of our role and value in health care. If this messaging is unfamiliar or new to you, be sure to watch our webinar recorded in the spring, “Let’s Talk Population Health: Opening Your Mind to New Marketing Opportunities.”

If you are new to the section or to exploring the marketing resources, watch the free webinar “It’s time to Establish and Define your Role in the Community. A Guide to PPS’s Marketing and PR Resources” ( This introductory webinar will help you discover the content available to you, all of which can be found in the practice management/marketing resources section of the PPS website.

The Fit Factor ( is a tool that has become more valuable with a shift to considering population health and prevention. This interactive survey allows people to benchmark where their physical health is in addition to increasing consumer awareness of what physical therapists do. The webinar, “Leveraging the Fit Factor” ( provides helpful insight on customizing and branding the survey, reviewing analytics, and how to utilize it to attract new patients and re-engage with past patients.

We are all excited to return to an in-person annual conference this year, and filming will resume for the “99 Marketing Ideas” project. This library of video vignettes captures creative and unique strategies that members have successfully implemented to gain new patients through word-of-mouth, referrals, online, and more. With over 60 vignettes available, it’s the place to go if you need a little creative inspiration!

The Monthly Toolkit provides members with a professionally written blog post, a press release, and social media posts that can be edited, branded, and personalized to use within their markets. Imagine the national impact we could have if every physical therapist distributed the content from the monthly toolkit!

After 10 years on this committee and six years as the chair, my term is ending. I will be eternally grateful for the relationships, knowledge and experience I have gained in this role, the most notable being the impact that marketing and PR can have on our practices. Marketing guru Scott Wick, who has kept me company for all these years, will also be ending his term. The man behind the monthly toolkit, Darren Rodia, completes those of us whose time on the committee is ending. Thank you, Scott and Darren, you have both given so much time, knowledge, and inspiration to this committee. Thank you for the ongoing service of committee members Jenna Kantor, Steve Albanese, Peter DeCoteau, and Chris Leck and welcome to new members, Brian Hay, Karen Litzy, and Adrian Miranda. I have thoroughly appreciated the support and help from our board liaison Ali Schoos, as well as all the staff at PPS.

Whether you are a solopreneur, NextGen physical therapist, or leading a more traditional practice, please visit the private practice website ( to find all the mentioned resources and more! Read the monthly column in Impact magazine, listen to our webinars, post the blog from the monthly toolkit, distribute the Fit Factor survey, and watch your practice grow. From a challenging time to prosperity? The PPS Marketing and PR Committee is here to support you on this journey.

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