Create a WOW Experience by Visit #2 and Generate a Raving Fan

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By Stephen Rapposelli, PT

I think about customer service most of the time.

I hope you do as well, as it will pay dividends not only now but for decades from now (you do plan on being in independent private practice for decades, don’t you?!) How your customers are treated by everyone in your business will create better returns that any doctor lunch you can buy, thankfully, since no one really enjoys doing those anyway!


Let’s get very tactical here. I want you to concentrate on one aspect of customer service. I will tell you a quick story to illustrate.

I made a reservation online at a restaurant. I indicated I was a first-time customer. When I got there, the host said, “Ah, you are a first-time customer.” He sat me down and gave me a red napkin. Most people had white napkins. It was a signal to the waiter—red napkin meant “You got a first-time customer.” At the end of the meal, he asked, “Did you like the meal? I want you to try the cheesecake next time. Here is a coupon. It’s on me.” The next time I went back, I handed the coupon to the waiter. He knew I was a repeat customer on my second visit. I got my free slice of cheesecake, and he said, “Next time you come back, I want you to try the chicken marsala. Here’s a coupon for half off.” The result? In three visits, that place now has me forever as a regular. They valued me. They showed me. They got me into the habit. I am hooked.

How are you hooking your customers? What are you doing on the second visit that is wowing your customer? Perhaps providing good care is not the right answer here. I suggest a customer will remember the beginning and the end of their experience with you. Don’t think about the very first visit (that’s like a first interview, when everyone is on their best behavior!).


Here is an example of an email we send out on the second visit. If you got this, how would YOU feel? Special? Would you ever go anywhere else for physical therapy?

Shhh, this is a surprise, so don’t tell yourself anything, but we are going to send you a gift. This gift is to thank you for coming to us! Now, it is a surprise to you, so don’t tell yourself about it. When it comes in the mail, act surprised. You see, we want you to continue to feel good when you think about us!

So, we want you to choose your gift now:

  • Yeti travel mug
  • Our T-shirt, which will make you look 10 pounds thinner
  • Foam roller with instructional video by your PT
  • One 30-minute virtual training session in our fitness center
  • One 30-minute Rejuvassage session (watch this video to see what it is!)
  • Take the money and donate it to charity in my name
  • We realize that you don’t HAVE to come to us, you CHOOSE to come to us. For that we are grateful and honored.
  • Please let us know how we can help you in the future!

They are already a patient, so there are no ethical concerns; you are not enticing anyone to do anything. You are simply giving your customer a WOW experience, which will put a steel cage around them to your competition (even the physican owned place down the street!).

Oh, and you should see what we do after their LAST visit! 

Stephen Rapposelli

Stephen Rapposelli, PT, is CEO of Performance Physical Therapy and Fitness as well as a member of the Nominating Committee. He can be reached at

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