Creating a Great Team

By Stacy M. Menz, PT, DPT

I was laughing as I sat down to write this letter because this issue is all about staffing.

When I looked back at my letter last March on this topic, I was commenting on how we were fully staffed, and it was nice to have perspective because the previous year we had been actively searching for staff. Fast forward to now, and we are back to actively looking for staff! I guess it’s true that things come full circle!

Staffing is something that has to be a constant focus, whether it’s about recruiting, retaining, or rewarding team members. I need to constantly be on the lookout for our next team member. Regardless of whether I have an opening or not, I always try and find a position for the amazing candidates that come through my door. At the same time I need to stay on top of factors that influence employee retention. While I love living in the San Francisco Bay Area, it can be challenging to find people who can afford to stay long term. Many people come to live here for a while and then move away after a few years. While I can’t change the demographics of the area, I can constantly enhance our culture and team environment, finding ways to continuously engage with my team—not just when I fear someone may leave.

This month’s issue has some great information. You’ll learn what factors enhance retention and how to refine your recruiting strategy—think of it as marketing, but for finding staff instead of clients! You’ll also find tools for coaching your employees to support their growth. And there are many more good bits of information to grow your most important practice asset—the people!

I have found that when I have the right people in place, we have a winning team. I have also learned that I have to continually work on maintaining and growing our team while being fiercely protective of our company culture. I guess we can never feel that we have arrived, but rather that we need to continue to stay pertinent, focused on the people, and making sure we are always planning for the future!


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