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By Charles Scogna

For private practice owners, the concept of improvement is constantly front of mind. How to improve relationships, billing, networking, and education, to name a few, are questions private practice owners seek to answer. At some point, it may feel the available answers to those questions have been exhausted. However, at those times, a secret to success can be attained by digging deeper. Whether that involves starting from the beginning, looking at something from a different angle, or going the extra inch to help your practice, digging deeper for those nuggets of improvement can be key for your practice’s long-term success.

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Around since 1985, APTA Specialist, governed by the ABPTS, Certification has been shown to be a sure-fire way to elevate your private practice. Through certification, participants receive a deeper understanding of their specific areas of care. Just as important, certification is a participant’s concrete proof they have gone the extra step.

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By APTA Private Practice

As a private practice owner, you are part of a community, filled with those who know exactly what the work is like. By volunteering through APTA Private Practice, you will have access to peers across the board. With such ample opportunity and potential feedback, you never know when inspiration or ideas will strike. What’s more, volunteering is on-going, which means you can connect more often with your peers.

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By APTA Private Practice

An important aspect of improvement is clarity. Through APTA Private Practice’s Key Performance Indicator (KPI) benchmarking study, members can quantify the critical aspects of their practice’s functions, enabling a clearer vision on potential opportunities for growth and pushing their practice further. Continued participation in the study allows you to view year-over-year comparison data to see long-term changes in your practice.

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By APTA Private Practice

Regarding revenue cycles, it can be overwhelming in delineating what needs your attention and when. The Revenue Cycle Management Compendium breaks down the revenue cycle into three segments — billing, collections, revenue cycle. By splitting into three parts, the compendium provides both clarity and increases your control over each area of the process, affording you the ability to find any hidden areas to improve your practice.

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By APTA Private Practice

It can be tough to find the exact answer to a question or discover reliable moves to make regarding a specific situation. By attending the APTA Private Practice Annual Meeting, you can attend a variety of educational sessions, from beginner to expert level, covering a wide range of subject matter. Just as important, the multiple networking opportunities allow you to meet friends and colleagues who can help you on your professional journey.

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Charles Scogna

Charles Scogna is a publication manager for Impact.

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