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Kristen Wilson
By Kristen Wilson, PT, DPT

As we approach the start of the shortest month, I love that this month’s color boasts the longest wavelength of the spectrum.

The juxtaposition seems appropriate given the conflicting messages we receive from the color red. Wrapped up in its 655 nanometers of length, red signifies passion, danger, love, anger, and energy; it’s the combination of warm and fuzzy with angst and fire.

Sound familiar? It’s no wonder red finds its way into the logos of so many physical therapy private practices. Practice ownership comes with many opposing emotions and embracing that conflict becomes part of the seasoned owner’s superpower. Success results when we, as owners, find the appropriate balance of passion and energy, love and anger, danger and life-sustaining measures. Like the dance of two lovers on Valentine’s Day, finding a rhythm is necessary to sustain the ups and downs of business.

When the Impact board planned this issue in March of 2022 (yes, almost a full year ago!), the number of red-inspired topics was staggering. And as a result, I feel this February issue is one of our strongest yet! Your accountant will thank you for reading Matt Slimming’s piece “5 Strategies to Get out of the Red.” And your teammates will love your fresh approach after reconciling imposter syndrome in “Show Imposter Syndrome the Red Light” by Jane Oeffner. Passion projects, anger management, streamlining authorizations…this issue has it all.

Go ahead, dive in. You’ll be grateful you “red” it.

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