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Kristen Wilson
By Kristen Wilson, PT, DPT

There is something about the clean slate of a new year that I’ve always found refreshing, however, this year, the turning of the calendar feels even more cathartic.

As I wrap my head around what 2021 may offer, I can’t help but feel relieved to leave behind the emotions that dominated my past year, namely stress, fear, lack of control, ennui, sadness, and loss. And I know I’m not alone in this sentiment.

Yet 2021 offers some much-needed hope and exciting changes for our personal and professional lives. A vaccine is on the horizon offering an opportunity for business volumes and personal lives to finally return to normal. Our Section welcomes Mike Horsfield as our new President and embarks on the possibility of a more inclusive section name. Our advocacy presence is strong, and APTA’s strength continues to grow as Sections and Chapters align in branding. Despite some obvious challenges, the future is indeed promising as we start this new beginning.

Along the theme of fresh perspective, it seems fitting that this month’s issue discusses succession planning, a topic on which, regardless of business age or size, a diligent owner must reflect. Keeping the end in mind, even when just beginning to lay a foundation, is critical in establishing processes that fortify your product so that you can leave a legacy. Whether your intent in the long run is to sell, merge, close, or pass on to team members or family, your efforts today matter in establishing the value of your decision tomorrow. The articles presented in this issue offer various viewpoints to either start or reinforce your succession planning process.

I am grateful to succeed a long line of incredible Impact editors. While I can’t predict what 2021 will bring for you and your business, I can promise what you can expect from me as your editor. I vow to uphold the newly appointed mission of Impact, as chosen by your dedicated Impact Board, to provide valuable, thought-provoking content and cultivate encouraging and diverse resources for the physical therapy business community. I promise to publish content that will challenge you to think outside your comfort zone, help others grow, look deep within, and promote greatness in yourself and your organization. A dear friend once told me that I bring fire to everything I do. As your editor, I hope Impact will light the wick of your success.

With care,


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