Editor’s Note

Kristen Wilson

By Kristen Wilson, PT, DPT

The word January is derived from the Latin phrase Januarius mensis in honor of the Roman god Janus who oversees new beginnings, doorways, and thresholds.

Upon learning this from my Google search, I had to smile to myself. Always a sucker for a good double entendre, I knew the parallel meaning of a fresh start and an entranceway would have to settle its way into my January Editor’s letter.

The idea of a new beginning in 2022 offers a much-needed respite from the painstaking process of rebuilding after the pandemic. Many practices have thrived in the latter months of 2021 and are eager to start in the new year with hope, optimism, and opportunity. The mood at Annual Conference was overwhelmingly positive, as both the message from our PPS board and the conversations in the hallways with colleagues all focused on the theme of an encouraging future. This year we’re standing on a new threshold with endless physical therapy growth possibilities on the other side of the door.

Your dedicated Impact board has also been working hard to embrace the concept of a new beginning. For 2022, we’re shaking things up and changing the format of the magazine in hopes of providing an upgraded and fresh reader experience. Here’s a couple changes you can look forward to right behind the threshold of this month’s cover:

  • Monthly themes: Rather than center the issues on physical therapy business topics, this year we’ve chosen 11 words that exemplify the experience of the physical therapist in business. These words will serve as the issue theme and the feature articles will echo various sentiments of how that word applies to private practice. What better word to start with than Fearless as we embark on a new year?
  • Quick Fix/Quick Fix Pro column: This column will present a topic and then offer application tips for both the new and experienced user. We hope this is a digestible option for quick ways to spruce up your practice no matter your acumen.
  • Member Perspectives: This column is an expansion of our previous column Lessons Learned. This will explore the perspectives of PPS members and, on occasion, take a Point/CounterPoint approach. Get ready to meet some of your colleagues in a fresh new way!
  • New Members’ Corner: As a way to welcome new members to our section, this column will highlight one new member each month as well as share ways to either get involved or access resources in PPS.
  • Feedback, feedback, feedback! We want to serve our section by producing content that is high quality and meaningful to our members. In order to do this, we’re asking for your help. On the Table of Contents page, at the bottom of each feature article, and towards the rear of the magazine keep an eye out for a QR code to give your feedback on each issue. You’ll have to opportunity to rate articles and make suggestions for future changes. In addition, we’ll be able to learn more about who is reading the content so we can tailor it just for you.
  • Letter to the Editor QR code: Want to share feedback on an article or column in the magazine? Scan the QR code on the bottom of this and all future Editor’s letters and let me know your thoughts. Your voice matters!

What new beginning are you looking forward to this January? Is it personal growth, a new business venture, expanding your current offerings, embracing a different leadership style? You are standing on your self-determined threshold, from which you can build your future in exactly the way to desire. Your possibilities are endless, and this year offers you and your business a fresh start to achieve something great for the profession of physical therapy. Please use the resources provided by the section, by Impact, and by your mentors and colleagues to help achieve your goals. For when we work together, the door to a positive future is always wide open. 

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