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Kristen Wilson
By Kristen Wilson, PT, DPT

As someone who loves to sleep in, I find it hard to catch a good sunrise. But every once and a while, groggy-eyed and likely still in my PJs, I traipse out to see the golden orb crest the horizon. Sometimes the morning is foggy and mist-laden, others feature a clear sky with just a few low-hanging, tinted clouds in the distance. Regardless the scene, one thing assuredly remains…a sunrise, no matter the form, is always stunning. Perhaps it’s the reminder that all things have a potential for a fresh beginning that sits so nicely in my soul.

With the dawn of a new year comes a fresh new approach to Impact! In planning for 2023, your dedicated Impact Editorial board confidently went out on a limb to bring you an artistic take on content using colors as a theme. Colors, you ask? Yes, fellow physical therapists, allow your right brain to embrace this divergence from our typical script. Each month will feature a new color and content will mirror the emotions and topics that are associated with that hue.

In addition to the new theme, we are featuring a new column in 2023 titled “Niche Nook.” This fantastic addition alternately showcase the aspects of running a niche practice with success stories of our niche members. We hope you’ll enjoy this view of some non-traditional ways to execute our wonderful profession.

We kick off January with the Yellow issue. Representative of fresh beginnings, optimism and caution, we felt yellow aptly reflects the emotions one experiences at the start of a new year. This issue features “Yellow Brick Road: How to Run an Effective Strategic Planning Meeting” by Joseph Newcomb and Rebecca Blacklidge who provide a great resource to start your year on the right foot. You’ll also enjoy “Mellow Yellow: Staying Calm During a Crisis” by Stephanie Weyrauch, which shares ways to stay calm during a crisis. Lastly, don’t miss Eric Herman’s piece on “Yellow Lights: KPIs to Guide Your Growth” to ensure your 2023 plan isn’t too aggressive. And of course, take a peek at the “Niche Nook” and let us know what you think.

With each new beginning comes the possibility for greatness. A chance to adjust your path, fortify an already well-established plan, or brainstorm new opportunities for the future. Regardless your intent, know your APTA Private Practice association, friends, and colleagues are there to support you through this new year. Take advantage of the many resources at your disposal including the caring ear of a peer. As I stated before, a sunrise is stunning. But it takes on a whole new hue when you experience it with friends.

To a bright 2023….Happy New Year!

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