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Kristen Wilson
By Kristen Wilson, PT, DPT

This past weekend, my family spent a night around our bonfire pit toasting s’mores and taking advantage of a starry sky. I find there’s something soothing about being around a fire that tends to calm my nerves and recenter me. The dancing flames, the glowing embers, the warmth, and the smell of the smoke coalesce as a comforting sensory experience. It’s as if I can feel stress melting, like the marshmallow of my tasty sandwich treat.

If only the other fires of our life were as soothing. Staff resignations, balancing home and work life, fluctuating financials, and varying regulations ignite a different emotional response; one that certainly doesn’t leave me rested! But while potentially stressful, sometimes a little fire under the butt can be helpful in propelling one towards a desired outcome.

Thankfully, this month’s Impact has the necessary lighter fluid to fire up your imagination. Looking for tips on filling empty staff slots? Check out “Recruiting and Hiring: A Full Strategy” by Tracy Maxwell and Eric Baughman. Or if you’re considering a different service line, take a look at Jared Bonacquisti’s article on “Alternative Revenue Streams.” Lastly, if you feel your team needs a little spark, consider Alicia Backer’s piece titled “Lead your Team to Inspire Each Other.” Sometimes it’s nice to not be the only one holding the match.

So, my friends, pull up a lawn chair and strike the old flint and steel to ignite your next steps towards business greatness. As the beautiful orange and red flames begin to grow, take a moment to revel in your accomplishments. And know that if the fire of life gets a little overwhelming, your colleagues at PPS will be ready with the hose to keep things under control. 

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