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Kristen Wilson
By Kristen Wilson, PT, DPT

If I had my druthers, I’d invest in one of those elaborate closet organizing systems where everything could have a place. Not that my closet is messy, by any means, but I have a penchant for nooks specifically designed to fit a jacket and cubbies that hold precisely the correct number of shoes.

I’d have a belt holder, shelves organized by height for different thickness shirts, and plenty of color-coordinated hangers. Each morning I’d walk into my closet and exalt a restful sigh knowing that everything was organized as it should be.

Granted, in the metaphorical closet of my life, I’d likely need only cubbies, constructed carefully by specific dimension to hold each of the many different hats I wear as a business owner (amongst the non-business-related hats in my collection). We all appreciate the exhausting nature of being a private practice owner. In the morning you put on your Human Resources bowler, around noon you sport the bookkeeper tam, and in the evening, you don your patient-care jester hat. It’s exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. I often laugh at the number of new skillsets (aka hats) I’ve attained since opening my practice. I mean, who would have known as a PT that one day I’d not only read payroll reports but be able to understand how they affect my business expenses, and thus my marketing needs!! Indeed, my closet would need to be the size of a bowling alley to fit all my headwear.

Executing on our many roles can be overwhelming, which makes this issue of Impact an especially meaningful one for today’s practice owner. Karen Litzy offers some much-needed efficiency advice with her article “5 Common Time Wasters and How to Avoid Them.” Dan Luczka shares his recipe for meeting success in “Run a Meeting Like a Boss” and Robert Bacci suggests ways to avoid getting taken advantage of in “7 Questions to Help You Uncover and Avoid Manipulative Marketing.” We purposely kept this issue broad since the roles of the average private practitioner are vast. But one theme is consistent…providing useful ways to execute optimally, no matter what task you are trying to tackle.

As you assess the many hats you wear in your everyday life, remember that PPS has resources beyond Impact to help build your acumen and promote success, no matter which role you are attempting to perform. It is our goal as an organization to make sure our members not only act the part but feel successful toe to head. It is through our collective success that our profession will thrive. The next time you’re in the Philadelphia area, swing by my house and I hope to be able to show you my impeccable closet. Until then, hats off to you, my friends. 

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