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Kristen Wilson
By Kristen Wilson, PT, DPT

As I pen this Editor’s Note I’m riding shotgun in the family car on the way to Vermont for our annual five-day ski trip with friends. It’s been snowing steadily for the past two hours, which makes for a slow drive, but fortunately the plows are out, and fellow road passengers are driving with caution. Despite the slow start, the excitement in the car is palpable. Our first time out this year; the kids are eager to see how well their skills carried over from last year, and all of us can’t wait to breathe the crisp mountain air.

It seems extraordinarily appropriate to partner the idea of skiing with an issue themed Elevate. Much like the long slog needed to reach the top of a mountain on a chairlift, building a private practice parallels a similar experience. It takes a while to formulate the initial business plan (the lift line), you need to show your grit on the painstaking ascent towards profitability (a chilly lift ride), you meet interesting people along the way (fellow lift mates), and finally, after what feels like far too long, you reach the point where your business feels sustainable (the mountain summit). From there, it’s a matter of riding out the curves, bumps, and obstacles with a smile on your face and the wind in your hair (or, better yet, your helmet?!). Needless to say, in both situations, the grind justifies the reward and keeps us all coming back for more.

This issue of Impact will surely Elevate your business thinking in many aspects of private practice management. From staff engagement to personal growth projects, this issue outlines ways to improve your processes to optimize satisfaction both for you and your peers. And don’t forget to check out Liz Plowman’s article titled “Where Are You Going? (And How Are You Getting There?)” which highlights the Vision/Traction Organizer, the planning tool our PPS Board is currently using to bring our members outstanding value.

So buckle up your boots and don your warmest coat because you’re about to take the ride of a lifetime. Remember on the way to success to take in the scenery, meet some friends, and stop every once and a while for a tasty beverage. The journey upward may be a long one, but the vista at the top will assuredly be worth it. And on the ride down, smile to yourself knowing your PPS colleagues are right by your side.

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