Editor’s Note

Kristen Wilson

By Kristen Wilson, PT, DPT

While I love going out for Chinese food for the flavors, convenience, and to change up my typical dinner fare, I must admit, one of the main draws for me is the fortune cookie.

Who doesn’t love indulging in the clairvoyant powers of size six, blue font printed on a half-inch by two-inch strip of white paper? There’s something about the ability to crack open a crunchy shell to reveal your future that feels very neat and tidy. And if you don’t like the fortune? Throw it away! If you’re like me however, you abide by the age-old recommendation that for your fortune to come true, you must eat the whole cookie and pocket the fortune.

Over the years I’ve become an avid fortune cookie fortune collector. Some hang on my desk at work, some are in my wallet, some in my jewelry box. My favorite? “You and your husband will be very happy in your life,” received (and eaten fully) just before our wedding. But wouldn’t it be lovely to have fortunes for all areas of life? Like, where is my “You will have a prosperous small business that transcends generations” fortune? Seems I better keep opening cookies.

Unlike fortune cookies, actual fortunes can fortunately (pun intended!) be created and controlled. But one difficulty in attaining one’s fortune roots initially in defining it. Is it money? Accolades? Social power? Happiness? Gifting generosity? If you ask a hundred different people, there’s a chance you’ll get a hundred different answers. This month’s issue Fortune attempts to satisfy the reader by posing articles that represent several different interpretations of the word. For example, Janey Carbary highlights tips for “How to Build Your Finance Team,” whereas Michael Manzo discusses work/life balance in “Don’t Let the Scale Tip Too Far.” And if you’re new to finance, please don’t miss Kenny Erb’s piece “Reading Financial Reports – A How To.” One thing was evident while editing this issue — PPS is fortunate to have such amazing writers to share their perspectives!

After reading this month’s issue of Impact I encourage you to spend a few minutes reflecting on your definition of fortune. Is your focus on assets, success, luck? Once attained, how will you spend or share it? And don’t be overwhelmed if you don’t have all the answers figured out yet. You might need to seek guidance from fellow PPS members or other business mentors through rich conversations or a little more reading.

Or if you’re like me, perhaps you’ll order take out.  

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