Editor’s Note

Kristen Wilson

By Kristen Wilson, PT, DPT

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday.

It’s not the turkey and cranberry sauce, it’s not the football, it’s not the
commotion of cramming too many people around a table that’s too small. While
all of those things are fantastic parts of the day that have certainly led to
countless memories and laughs, there’s something simpler about the holiday
that has always resonated with me.

New Year’s Eve is too wild, Valentine’s Day feels contrived, St. Patrick’s Day
seems gluttonous, Easter comes with obligation, the summer holidays are
hectic, Halloween is so much effort, and Christmas feels excessive. And
certainly, there are so many other holidays that we celebrate that come with
their own host of feelings and emotions. But Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving slips
its laid-back mojo right into the holiday circuit with little expectation and
a simple message: Take a moment to be grateful for the gifts you have been

As this season of Impact sunsets with this issue, I’d like to take a moment to
express my gratitude for the hard work and dedication of the Impact Board.
Under the leadership of assistant editor Craig Phifer, this group of
individuals has gone above and beyond to provide our membership with
exceptional resources to improve not only your private practice, but you as a
leader. Please, the next time you see one of them in person, shake their hand
and say a wholehearted thank you for their time and efforts, as this magazine
is a success because of them.

I’d also be remiss to leave an editor’s letter on gratitude without sharing my
sincere thankfulness for being an APTA Private Practice member. The resources,
the mission, the friendships! It is a gift to be surrounded by such passionate
individuals whose purpose is to improve the lives of both patients and
colleagues. I am so grateful to be part of this tribe.

What is more beautiful than a minute of time where you reflect on your
fortunes and express your thankfulness for them? Perhaps your fortune is
family, business success, a nice car, ample vacation time, a loving pet, a
great business section, or devoted friends. Perhaps you have all of those, or
none, but what you always have is the ability to be thankful, for whatever you
have been given.

This Thanksgiving I wish you many opportunities to say thank you for the gifts
you have received in life. As I cram around my too small table after watching
football and pile my plate high with turkey and cranberry, I will raise a
glass to all of you and reflect on my gratitude to be on this journey

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