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Kristen Wilson
By Kristen Wilson, PT, DPT

“ Shhh… promise you won’t tell anyone?”

Famous last words of every playground conversation and office cooler gossip session. Whether regarding a childhood crush, bending the rules, or a yet-to-be-announced pregnancy, secrets could be considered one of the major tenets that differentiate acquaintances and tried and true friends in our lives. Holding a secret captive at another’s request exemplifies loyalty, and placing that trust in another takes relationship capital that is built only from experience. What better way to show someone you care by placing them in complete control of your most guarded information? Who would you trust to vulnerably bare your soul?

Running a private practice requires a fine dance of information sharing. Tell too much and you’re likely pegged as overbearing or indulgent, share too little and you may be considered guarded or stingy. Finding the right balance of which information to share, secret or not, can be a difficult learning curve. And certainly, as the owner, you must keep a fair share of secrets from other members of your team. As I sat down to pen this letter my business partner texted me that one of our physical therapists is pregnant but “not telling anyone yet.” While I’m grateful that we are considered trustworthy to keep her news under wraps until she’s ready to share, sometimes I find it exhausting to remember what things I can and can’t discuss. Secrets come with a responsibility, one I take seriously, but it’s just another thing to add to the list of duties!

In designing this issue, the Impact editorial board had a lot of fun picking topics that would entice the reader to explore some of the unspoken elements of private practice management. You’ll find everything from how to manage workplace bullying to the top secrets that leaders don’t share. And don’t miss the “Secret Sauce Recipes” by Kenny Erb and Eileen Rodri Carter, a fun take on ways to improve your leadership style. We hope you will enjoy this inside look at some of the racier topics in our profession.

While the information in this issue of Impact is centered around secrets, we absolutely want you to share your APTA Private Practice experiences and resources with anyone who will listen. Tell other practice owners and administrators about the benefits of joining a section full of passionate individuals who not only love the treatment aspect of physical therapy but also appreciate the business side of this great profession. While it’s always enticing to be part of a secret group, let’s spread the word so we can grow our reach to help more patients through our leadership.

Since joining APTA Private Practice, I have developed incredible friendships with individuals to whom I have assuredly bared my soul. And while they each may protect some of my skeletons, the greatest is shared amongst us loudly and avidly…being part of this organization will change your life forever. And that’s no secret.

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