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Craig Phifer, PT
By Craig Phifer, PT

The most memorable experiences you have had probably started with the same theme: “I wonder if…”

  • As a child — I wonder if we can make it all the way down the stairs in this laundry basket?
  • As a teen — I wonder if this piece of junk can get up to 100 miles per hour?
  • As a college student — I wonder if we can go out tonight then just cram tomorrow and still pass the final?
  • As a parent — I wonder if he’s going to be able to get that Cheerio all the way up his nose?
  • As a clinician — I wonder if we could help more people if we started a business and did it our way?
  • Currently — I wonder if I have to deal with this guy from now on or if I’ll get Kristen back?

As with most worthy questions, the best part was not getting the answer but the journey to finding it. But just in case you are keeping score at home, the answers are:

  • No — not while still in the laundry basket at least
  • Yes — with equal parts terror and excitement
  • Yes — we passed *remembering all those cranial nerve tests is a different story
  • Yes — in all his wide-eyed glory, he made it happen
  • A resounding YES! Congratulations, by the way
  • I’m pinch-hitting for Kristen this month, but don’t worry, the Impact Board’s fearless leader will be back in action for the October issue

As I meet more physical therapists in business, I realize that maybe more than anything, it is our curiosity that unites us. We ask different questions and find different answers. But wondering if we can do it, how we can do it, or if we’re crazy for even trying it, connects us all.

So, whether you are looking for answers or wondering if you’re asking the right questions, this issue of Impact has everything you need. Emily Bagby helps you identify the right opportunities in “Four Questions to Ask Before Launching a New Niche.” Then, a panel of experts provides their unique views on payment challenges in “The Future of Payment: Perspectives from the Field.” And finally, F. Scott Feil takes you through a marvelous staffing journey in “Avengers™ Assembled: Finding Your Optimal Team.”

I hope you find the answers you seek, but even more so, I hope you take some time to enjoy the adventure that awaits while you wonder. 

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