Education Committee Chair Letter

By Thomas Carlton, PT, DPT

Chaos. If the last two years have reminded us of anything, they have reminded us that chaos can create stress that can crack even the strongest foundations or be harnessed to create meaningful growth.

In the midst of everything, chaos can distort our view of the big picture and make deciding on the right path precarious. For those poised for success, chaos forces us to reconsider our position, streamline our current processes, and develop sound strategies for growth even in the most tumultuous times.

After serving on the Education Committee for six years, I was asked to step into the role of committee chair last year. I am immensely proud of the work that the Education Committee has completed in recent years under the leadership of the previous chair, Jason Sanders, PT, DPT, and the Private Practice Section Board of Directors. As we move forward, I also see the opportunity to refine our current offerings in meaningful ways that will allow for increased engagement, greater utilization, and improved access. As the new chair, it is my goal to challenge the Education Committee to streamline the educational offerings within PPS as we increase our value to current members and expand our reach through membership growth.

Without question, PPS offers unparalleled content and value for the physical therapist in business. My goal is to improve the section by offering new delivery models with increased cross-collaboration, all while maintaining the excellent education initiatives expected by our members.

Our section produces high-quality content to help champion the success of physical therapists in business. The Education Committee currently divides our material into responsive real-time content, such as webinars, and long-term projects, such as the 101 video-series, the How-To Manual, and the Business Leadership Education Curriculum.

As many of you experienced firsthand during the COVID response, our webinars are critical to addressing this aim. Webinars improve the day-to-day operations of a successful practice by offering a blend of timely updates, content from experts, and information on hot topics. Designed to fit within a busy work schedule, webinars are offered live or in a recorded format on the PPS Learning Platform. Participation in webinars continues to grow, but in surveying our members, we found that many are asking for other ways to interact with this content. Our committee is working alongside the Board to research other ways, such as audio or video streaming, that will allow for yet another method to engage with our content and expand our reach.

Regarding our long-term projects, we have seen tremendous success in the last year. The 101 video series already includes videos on finance, marketing, operations, and human resources, with additional episodes currently in production. These remain free to members through the PPS Learning Center and demonstrate the fundamental principles for practice management.

Additionally, our Business Leadership Education Curriculum is in the final phases of development. Anyone in practice ownership or management has likely observed the disconnect and communication barrier demonstrated by new graduates regarding business acumen. This limits both the future success of private practice and the future success of the physical therapy profession as a whole. We expect to have a usable package rolled out to universities in the coming year that will better bridge the gap between their curricula and running a practice to help raise the floor of business knowledge in the next generation.

Thomas Carlton, PT, DPT

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