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Creating more profitable private physical therapy practices.

By Steve Takle, BA (Hons), MA

While there are most likely as many motivations for entering the physical therapy industry as there are therapists, the majority are inspired to complete their training to provide care for others. Whether this comes from an interest in the science and technology behind modern physical therapy practices or simply an altruistic intent to do good, it seems that most privately-owned physical therapy businesses are therapy first and business second.

However, that does not mean that “business” is a dirty word. It just means that practice owners tend to be therapists, rather than entrepreneurs. It is a mindset that is practically the default of nearly all academic institutions, where the business element of owning or managing a private practice is largely disregarded.

It is this mindset that physical therapists take into their professional career. As a result, many private practices lack the tools, knowledge, and ability to maximize the potential of their businesses. Paths to this information can be costly, time consuming, and off-putting with hard-nosed business advice, which seems a world away from providing the care that inspired a person to become a physical therapist in the first place.

It was precisely with this in mind that the first COPA Practice Growth was held in London, England, in 2013. The exhibition and conference was specifically designed to offer chiropractors, osteopaths, and physical therapists industry-specific business advice and insight, along with the latest rehabilitation research and products in the sector. The event was an instant hit with the European profession and doubled in size for 2014 to become Europe’s largest medical rehabilitation exposition. This year the event will be held March 4 and 5 at the Javits Center in New York.

COPA Practice Growth is designed for the private practice owner and is a business services expo specifically created to help successfully grow the practice and skills of the practitioner. The event aims to enable you and your business to grow, providing rehabilitation practitioners with expert advice, guidance and inspiration from experienced, successful sources. You will gain the knowledge you need to propel yourself and your practice to the next level.

These seminar sessions cover the most important developments facing rehabilitation therapy, with speakers ranging from leaders in medical to business experts and professionals—confirmed to speak are Henry Hoffman, Co-founder of Saebo and Dr. William Pawluck, electromagnetic field expert.

COPA Practice Growth is committed to providing advice and education to aid your professional development. Attending the exhibition and conference will contribute toward your continuing education units.

COPA Practice Growth will coincide with Neurological Rehabilitation Therapy & Technology, Elite Sports Therapy & Medical Rehabiltation; and Animal Rehabilitation Expositions.

To register for a free ticket to the expo, visit

Steve Takle, BA, MA, is a freelance copywriter and editorial consultant in Bristol, England. He can be reached at

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