From the President

Michael Horsfield
By Mike Horsfield, PT, MBA

Dear Friends,

It is with gratitude, excitement, and a servant heart that I pen my first letter to you as PPS President. Your encouragement through the years provided the confidence needed to run and your vote of trust provides the energy and inspiration needed to embrace this new opportunity to serve the great profession we share.

You are all an important part of a tribe that has meant so much to so many through the years. This past year we all needed “our people” more than ever, and PPS members stepped up. This opportunity to pressure test and confirm what we do (Champion the Success of the Physical Therapist in Business) and how we do it (educate, advocate, and connect) was only overshadowed by why we do it. The way each of you went beyond the traditional scope of therapy to care for your communities confirms why ownership matters. Businesses exist to solve problems that help people. As a profession we need to celebrate and not apologize for caring enough to put in the hard work necessary to come up with solutions that people value. If each of us finds a small way to make it easier to take better care of more people, we can and will transform society. Our role as a Section is to help make it easier for each of us to make that difference.

As I have shared in my candidate speech, stewardship is a lasting value I learned early in life on the farm and one I believe fosters inherent duty. Leaving the future of our great profession better than we found it is our responsibility. How we do this is something that I continue to explore and am proud to say have changed my mind about several times over the years. Despite my evolution, a couple of things haven’t changed during this examination: only you get to decide what legacy you want to leave and the sooner you start planning the better. I hope the talented authors in this month’s Impact start your wheels turning on what succession looks like for you, so you and your team can leave our land better than you found it.

Thanks again for your gift of confidence and the opportunity to serve you in this capacity.

The next Board meeting will take place January 12, 2021 at 3 PM EST.

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