From the President

Michael Horsfield

By Mike Horsfield, PT, MBA

Happy New Year, Friends!

Words matter. Some words matter more. Great friends matter most.

A memorable dinner near Philly started a three-year journey that reached this obvious and beautiful realization. A great bottle of wine (or two) coaxed a few friends into forgoing the traditional resolution route for a new “word of the year” expedition. This word had to be personal. It must permeate all aspects of their life. And when lived out it would bring them closer to the person they wanted to be.

Kind. When faced with the choice of being right or being kind, I wanted to choose kind. Simple yet not easy for an ego that loves the taste of the last word, marginally better ideas, and unwarranted advice. Progress toward kind was too slow and so cruel. The support of friends steadfast, supportive, and beautiful. “Mike, you can’t be kind to others unless you start being kind to yourself.” A difficult truth that needed to be said, believed, and most importantly, lived. Insight becoming evident by the fact that as the voices of self-doubt become quieter… choosing kind is starting to feel more right.

Do you have a word? Words? One(s) that shape your purpose and help simplify the complex? How does your personal word(s) interface with the values of your organization? Are they consistent, complimentary or in conflict? Who is helping you live out those words? What are their words? Words matter… great friends matter most!

Please be kind to yourself while you take care of others. You got this!