From the President

By Sandra Norby, PT, DPT

Dear PPS Member,

Five or so years ago, I began referring to our employees as “The Team” vs. “Staff.” I cannot recall if this change occurred from listening to a brilliant speaker or if being part of a team meant more to me than being a staff member.

The workplace definition of staff vs. team dates back more than a decade. The common agreement is that a staff responds to a given workload. Staff refers to a group of people that a leader can rely on and trust. However, a team is empowered to work collectively by bringing their own strengths to their roles; an “above all of us purpose that unifies all member of a group to a common purpose.”

How does this relate to your team? I can only speak from experience and say that the team atmosphere has been the most rewarding one to work in. However, with our company, it has had its moments of ups and downs from circumstances within and outside of our control. The joy is real, the struggles are real, and at the end of the day, we have provided care to those in need and a supportive place of employment for our team.

I am anxious to read this month’s edition of Impact as I always come away with a nugget of pure brilliance from the authors. Enjoy!

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