From the President

Michael Horsfield

By Mike Horsfield, PT, MBA

“Just remember, Mike, whatever you make in life will be just enough.”

These wise words resonated with this 26-year-old new grad from Iowa when I was debating between my dream physical therapy position and one that would pay me almost twice as much. The sage was my neighbor Freddie Kramer, a man of modest means and few words but abundant smiles. An avid carver of contentment who recognized a student ready for a life lesson, Freddie seized that New Year’s Day opportunity in my parents’ basement to pass along wisdom that I have since shared with countless physical therapy students and anyone else willing to listen. It is a truth self-validated over the past 29 years, which I’ve spent in that dream job I accepted. Rungs climbed plus raises received, minus a lifestyle modified, never equated to anticipated abundance, yet it always added up to just enough.

In recent years, reflecting on Freddie’s words led to more restlessness than peace. I began to wonder whether I truly understood the lesson. Was there was a deeper meaning that the 26-, 36-, and 46-year-old student had not been ready to hear? Then one day, as I thought about his advice, the words seemed to rearrange themselves. The deeper lesson — and most likely the reason for Freddie’s serenity in simplicity — revealed itself.

“Just remember, Mike, when you make enough — you will have a life.”

How could I have missed that this was not a “we live to our means” message but rather a “means to a life” path? Enough is THE answer. It is the elusive fortune I discovered in that moment and hope you all realize. Not defined by a number of clinics or confined by a bank account. One that trades in the many currencies of love, friendship, and finance. The protagonist who is undefeated in its battles against the thief of joy called comparison.

The people of PPS are so honored that we can be a part of your journey to the fortune you deserve. Please let us know if there is anything more we can do to ensure you have enough.

Thanks, Freddie!