From the President

Michael Horsfield

By Mike Horsfield, PT, MBA

Dear Friends,

Two fish were out for a swim one day when the older said to the younger, “The
water sure is perfect today.” After contemplation, and with a look of
confusion, the younger replied, “What is water?”

“I love you” was seldom spoken in the Horsfield house but was unconditional
and never doubted. High expectations were measured in intent and effort, not
outcome. A disappointed parent, not punishment, was the price of not doing
your best. Getting asked to help out next time, not “thank you,” was the
gratitude for a job well done.

Joining my first (and only) employer I was immediately immersed in a familiar
culture where great work was rewarded with more work. Temporary comfort from
knowledge acquisition was celebrated with harder questions. A place where
being asked to help was the ultimate praise and invites to happy hours and
partnership were the unwritten thank you notes.

Regretfully, for too many years I was oblivious and therefore ungrateful to
all the individuals who contributed the nutrients to the invisible waters that
gave me this wonderful life. This was evident as a young manager when I
thought rescuing my co-workers versus asking them for help was the way to show
appreciation. Forgetting the lessons of the past that the most beautiful
cultures are created when ALL are sharing their unique gifts in meaningful
ways. That an opportunity provided, not words spoken, is the best compliment
one can receive.

Please join me during this month of Thanksgiving in reflecting:

Who has shaped the waters that have buoyed your success?

Do they know how much you appreciate them?

Who on your team has talents that if shared would enrich your workplace

When have you walked past a door of opportunity because you were afraid to ask
for help?

What must you do to ensure this doesn’t happen again?

APTA Private Practice is a member-driven volunteer organization whose magic
lies in both your willingness to serve and your courage to ask for help. I am
so grateful for all of you who care more than you should and have given so
unselfishly of your time and talents. Please know what you do matters, is not
going unnoticed, and is very much appreciated.

Thank You!

Together… We Got This!