Great Resource


By Angela Wilson Pennisi, PT, MS, OCS

I have always been amazed at how willingly PPS members share their talents and knowledge with their peers in the pages of Impact, and as a result, receiving the magazine always ranks as a top-rated benefit of PPS membership.

While I and my practice have benefited from the information contained in these pages for many years, my usage of the magazine today is naturally different than it was in my early years as a private practitioner. Back then, I soaked up any bit of information printed on topics ranging from marketing to human resources to financial analysis, learning the nuts and bolts of practice management as I read.

In recent years, my personal application of the articles in Impact has shifted to helping inspire ideas, responding to health care reform, and keeping up with regulatory changes. With experience, I personally needed less knowledge about running my clinic on a daily basis and focused more on reading the articles that helped me gain the 10,000 foot view.

However, I was recently reminded again of just what a valuable resource this magazine has been for PPS members over the years when I was scheduled to present to a group of case managers on the topic of physical therapist care of the injured worker. Since I do not currently see a large number of patients under the workers’ compensation program, I was not feeling well-versed in the language of case management. Into the archives of Impact I went! After reviewing several excellent articles published over the past few years and consulting with a few colleagues, I was able to put together an articulate presentation that was well-received.

Now, I certainly did not misrepresent my clinic’s current programs and offerings, but because of the resources available to me as a PPS member, I was able to speak to the issues that were important to my audience in their language, which just might open a door for my business in the future.

The experience reminded me of how honored I am to be associated with a publication like Impact, and I felt humbled that you trust me to bring it to you 11 times a year. I would be surprised to hear of another organization whose members support each other’s success more than PPS members, starting with Impact’s resourceful editorial board that finds many of the talented authors who contribute each month.

How can PPS and Impact help you grow your business this month?