Growth and Consolidation

By Stacy M. Menz, PT, DPT

We are excited to introduce the February issue of Impact which includes great topics for the beginning of the year.

We hope the articles in this issue will help you focus on factors to consider when deciding what the next steps are for your practice. Jeff Ostrowski talks you through writing a business plan, whether you are looking to start your own practice or to grow your current practice. Subha Nagasubramanian explores ways you can access sources of funding for navigating the future of your business. Joseph Sapp discusses staffing and if you are bringing on and retaining the right people to support the path you have outlined for your business. Finally, Emily Bagby reviews key factors and metrics to consider before you open your next clinic. As an added bonus, the marketing column shares some of the great 99 marketing ideas from the Private Practice Section’s website for you to consider in promoting your practice.

Growth and consolidation, explored at length in this issue, come in many forms. Whether considering a first-time clinic opening or the consolidating, merging, acquiring, or selling of large multi-site practices, we invite you to peruse these articles and take from them what makes sense for your size and stage of practice. Many of the principles and considerations are the same or similar to each other, just applied and scaled differently.

Overall I think you will find some great information in this issue as you chart your course for the upcoming year and all that it holds for you, your team, and your practice! Here’s to a great 2019 and beyond.


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