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Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes That Take 5 Minutes or Less


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By Steve “S.J.” Scott | Reviewed by Connie Ziccarelli, COO

Like many of you, I find it hard to consistently sustain new habits, whether they are habits for personal growth or for professional growth. I know that if a new behavior is desired, then the adoption of new habits is required. However, the thought of the time needed to create new habits is daunting and exhausting to even think about.

Then I came across a book that takes the time commitment out of the equation. This book teaches how to take the stress out of building new and lasting solutions through a concept called Habit Stacking. I find this concept to be revolutionary. Throughout this book, Steve “S.J.” Scott gives ideas for simple routines that take a few minutes each day to complete. By compounding these small changes daily, you are building a routine that can be followed consistently. Developing positive routines creates consistent behaviors. Reading this book gave me an “ah ha” moment and provided me with commonsense tips that are doable. The book discusses the elements of a habit-stacking routine and gives suggestions for small changes through chapters dedicated to the following areas: Productivity, Relationships, Finances, Organization, Spirituality and Mental Well-Being, Health and Physical Fitness, and Leisure.

Personally, I have already used the concepts in this book to address and implement three changes I have wanted to make happen in my routines. Using the principles of habit stacking, the changes have “stuck” for the past month. I’m not ready to say that I have three new behaviors, but I can say that I am getting into the habits I want long term! I would recommend this book to anyone who wants new ideas to assist with creating positive and lasting habits. This author has an excellent website full of more resources in many areas of habit development at www.developgoodhabits.com.

Connie Ziccarelli is the chairperson of the PPS Administrator’s Council. She is also the cofounder, principal, and chief operations officer of Rehab Management Solutions in Sturtevant, Wisconsin, where she manages, grows, owns, and operates a nationwide network of private practice physical therapy clinics.

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