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By Sandra Norby, PT, DPT

This month’s Impact magazine is dedicated to Stress Management. I am a bit “all over the place” with this topic. When one wears different hats, the stress points come at different intensities and challenges based on one’s filter and perspective at that time.

A stress topic or event can manifest itself on a scale of 1 to 10, based on our mental framework or preparedness to deal with what that stressor brings to our life. Stress is always unique to ourselves, though we tend to compare our experience to the experience of others, which, in my opinion, is not realistic or attainable.

Let me be transparent about what stress looks in my life today. We have a partner exiting our company. There are pressure points that evoke disbelief and lessons learned simultaneously. We are down a full-time physical therapist, which causes me angst as we are not able to provide service to our customers. Mother Nature dumped another 8 inches of snow today, which caused half of our patients to cancel. Our city (more accurately town) ordinance “police” have indicated I need a dedicated parking lot to accommodate three vehicles if I intend to rent my home on Airbnb. My youngest son is in limbo on his career while he waits for his girlfriend to land a Division I football athletic training job.

Can I change any of these events? No. Can I choose how I react to them? Yes. Have I let stress in the past affect my health through rapid heart rates and poor sleep? Yes. Can I put into practice my logical lessons learned of prayer, journaling, deep breathing, and sharing with a trusted confidant or my mental health counselor? Yes. Can I go out for a run (not today—remember, 8 inches of new snow), let Calgon take me away, or enjoy one (maybe two) glasses of wine? Yes.

If you are smiling empathetically, I have obtained my goal. Stress in our human experience is real and present. I encourage you to discover healthy options that allow you to dissolve, distract, or displace the negative impact of stress in your life. We all experience it, so please do not feel alone. We (PPS) are your tribe. You are understood and welcomed here. Cheers!

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