How Do You Measure Success?

Hands measuring the word Results with a ruler
By Kim Stamp

There tends to be a fair amount of discomfort when talking about benchmarks with our staff.

The most common complaint is that “management only cares about numbers,” which is generally not the case. The bottom-line reality is that a benchmark is simply a goal that impacts the success of any organization. If we can reframe the conversation with a backdrop of wanting everyone to be individually successful, we stand a better chance of facilitating engagement. There is no magic in using the word “benchmark,” so feel free to use the word “goal” or something else that is meaningful to you.

Ideally, your clinic/company has benchmarks for each area, from the front office to the clinical staff and even the billers. Keep in mind that for it to be impactful, any goal you set needs to be both measurable and attainable. It’s also imperative that once you set benchmarks for your staff you also train them properly, so they have the tools to reach the goals set before them. If you are not currently utilizing benchmarks, a great goal for your front office staff is a cancelation/no-show rate of less than 10%. For clinical staff, consider looking at benchmarks surrounding units per hour and net rate per visit. Last, take the time to review progress toward meeting goals on a regular basis and make sure to celebrate your team’s success! 

Kim Stamp

Kim Stamp is a PPS Certified Administrator and the Business Director for IRG – South Sound Physical & Hand Therapy in Washington State. She can be reached at

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