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Planning for the new year—what you can expect from the Marketing and PR Committee.

By Don Levine, PT, DPT, FAFS

The Marketing and PR Committee had a busy year expanding the message of the benefits of physical therapy on a national level while providing members with methods to market and promote their individual practices on a more local level. The committee hopes that you not only found the information useful, but you also utilized what was available in Impact magazine, in the weekly E-newsletters, and on the PPS website. With everything that comes at us as owners, managers, and therapists, it is easy to place our marketing and PR plans in the background. This month’s Impact urges you to plan and take action to realize your goals for 2015. To improve your success, the committee will continue to provide monthly tips on turning “hot topics” into promotions for your company. In addition, the committee will also make 2015 the year of marketing and PR “How To.”

What to expect

First, the committee wants your feedback. As I am writing this, the committee is looking forward to the annual conference where we will not only meet to plan for the coming year, but also will actively search out members to help determine your marketing and PR needs. If you do not make it to Colorado, we are still open for your suggestions!

Impact: Monthly articles will be provided on key marketing and PR topics. A calendar will be provided to assist in your planning efforts.

PPS Enews: The committee hopes that this piece of email does not go straight to spam (or quickly deleted). We understand that everyone is extremely busy, but taking a look at the headlines weekly can pay off big dividends for you and your practice. Along with other important topics, you will find relevant information on the marketing and PR topic of the month in this weekly feature.

Webinars: The Marketing and PR Committee is working with the Education Committee to develop two webinars on marketing and PR topics.

Resources: PPS is working together with APTA to help develop a list of resources by relevant marketing and PR topics. There is an incredible wealth of knowledge between the two organizations and a great deal of useful material already developed. Our goal is to provide members with links for access to past articles and materials to further assist in their marketing and PR needs.

What are we missing? Our goal as a committee is to spread the message of the benefits of physical therapy and to better serve the marketing and PR needs of our members. While there are common themes relevant to all practices, we understand that practices vary in size, location, and type. Your feedback will assist the committee in providing our members with the best possible information to improve the visibility and viability of your practice.

Happy Holidays and let us hear from you!


Don Levine, PT, DPT, FAFS, is chair of the marketing and PR committee and co-owner of Olympic Physical Therapy with five locations in Rhode Island. He can be reached at dlevine@olympicpt-ri.com.

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