Innovative Practice Models

By Stacy M. Menz, PT, DPT

The world is constantly changing.

This is true whether you are looking on a large scale, meaning the world at large, or on a smaller scale, your little slice of it! Change can be scary and overwhelming yet it can also be exciting. Perspective is everything. You get to choose how you see it, and I have a feeling, if you are anything like me, you will go back and forth between the two views.

Change allows for innovation. In health care we see examples of this every day. I am impressed and envious of the entrepreneurial minds that I see coming up with new products, services, and/or platforms. I think that’s what change is about, finding a need in the market and coming up with a way to fill that need.

This issue has some great thoughts on innovation. One article talks about platforms that allow customers to find physical therapists who will see them in their home, as well as giving physical therapists the flexibility and ownership of managing their caseload and finding what works for them. Think Uber or Lyft for physical therapy! There is also more talk about telehealth and how this medium can be included in the physical therapy space. And then there is an article that looks at your typical brick and mortar practice, concierge practices, and fitness and gym models.

I am also amazed at the therapists who have created complementary practice products and services whether it is an app, or a podcast, products to sell, or services that promote wellness in a specific niche.

We have some very innovative therapists among our ranks, and hearing their ideas is inspiring and exciting as we look to the future. We as physical therapists can drive the excitement of change!


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