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By Randy Gravitt | Review by Richard Andrascik, PT, DPT

All leaders need coaches. The InteGREAT app is a tool to guide leaders and their teams to maximize their impact on the organization.

The digital content is divided into leadership lessons, interactive experiences, personalized assessments, and gives you the ability to track your progress. The four modules are titled: Lead Self, Lead Organizations, Lead Teams, and Lead Others.

In this course you will learn five heart habits.

  1. Think Others First
  2. Expect the Best
  3. Respond with Courage
  4. Accept Responsibility
  5. Hunger for Wisdom

Each module provides a collection of videos for you to review. After each module you are asked for a response to a series of questions pertaining to its content. When a module is completed, you can assess how well you understood the content covered and become certified in the module. In addition to the modules there are a series of links to The Randy Gravitt Leadership Podcast integrated into the program, as well as additional video resources pertaining to leadership topics.

Group Spaces allow a place for conversation regarding specific topics that the organization’s team can access and share messages or connect with others one on one. The section also contains the ability to receive notifications. The final section of the app is your personal profile, which contains a library, connections, feeds, created content, and a to-do list.

The reviews of the app were positive, stating that: “InteGREAT presents with a great interface, is easy to use and is extremely helpful.” However, I found the process of switching between modules to be confusing. The app was not user friendly and at times I became lost in the process, requiring a degree of backtracking. That being said, the app provides interesting content regarding improving leadership capabilities and assessing an individual’s areas for growth.

There are a limited amount of apps available for leadership content. The majority that are available are extensions of leadership courses and cannot be accessed by the general public, unlike the InteGREAT Leadership app.

InteGREAT Leadership is an app that is offered for iOS and is available free on the App Store from Apple. It is not offered for Android.

Richard Andrascik

Richard Andrascik, PT, DPT, is a PPS member and owner of MRS Physical Therapy in Bridgewater, Pennsylvania. He can be reached at

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