Jennifer Lesko PT, DPT, MS

Jennifer lesko Pt, dPt, ms, is the owner of Queen anne Physical therapy. she can be reached at

Queen Anne Physical Therapy is part of a physical therapist-owned and -operated partnership, Therapeutic Associates, Inc. (TAI), which has multiple clinics in the Northwest. I have been practicing for 15 years in the Seattle area and opened Queen Anne Physical Therapy in 2004 as a new startup company. I have two full-time physical therapists on staff.

What was the most influential book, person, or event that enhanced your professional career and give a brief description of why? The two most important influencers in my career are Kelly Reed, PT, COMT, OCS, and Erica Clark, PT, DPT. As a young staff therapist, I was fortunate to work under their direction. Collectively, they have fostered nine new directors (half of them women), who have successfully opened new clinics within the company. My mentors are extraordinary role models for female physical therapy practice owners within our company and the profession. As a shareholder within TAI, I am proud to call other shareholders my business partners and friends.

Describe the flow of your average day. Do you treat patients and how many hours a day/week? When do you perform management tasks, answer emails, or market your business? Due to the structure of TAI and the support of our administrative and central billing offices, I am able to carry a full treatment load—averaging 40 hours a week of patient care. Two afternoons a week, I work on management and marketing activities. I also dedicate time each week to my staff’s professional development. My documentation, email correspondence, and other communications are achieved throughout the day.


What have been your best, worst, and toughest decisions? My struggle has always been hiring the right people and deciding to let the wrong people go. The worst decision had been keeping the wrong people around for too long.

How do you motivate your employees? We have fun at the clinic, while always remembering the patient comes first. New professional physical therapists are attracted to TAI because of our clinic director track where we mentor, train, and develop future clinic owners and leaders. We promote within, providing the opportunity for motivated professionals to open their own TAI clinic.



What have been your best learning experiences since the inception of your practice? I have learned that I cannot do it all myself. We are only as strong as our team, and hiring the right people for the right positions, as well as trusting them to take responsibility for their role, has been a key to the success of my practice.

What are the benefits of PPS membership to your practice? The networking and relationships that I have built through my association with PPS over the last 10 years are invaluable. PPS has amazing resources, and I encourage everyone to engage in the association and get involved. The wealth of knowledge and experience I have gained has contributed to my practice success.


Life motto: “Was mir nicht bricht, macht mich starker.” Translation: “What does not break me makes me stronger.” I read this daily in my high school German class, and it has stayed with me throughout my life and career.

What worries you about the future of private practice/what you are optimistic about? I am worried, like many private practitioners, about declining payment and increased administrative burdens and the risk they pose to quality patient care—not to mention the survival of private practices. However, I am optimistic our profession will emerge stronger. I am fortunate to have witnessed firsthand the power of physical therapists coming together to achieve a common goal and influence positive change during my career. Collaboration takes on many forms in our profession, including networks, associations, task forces, and cohorts—regardless of the passion and commitment physical therapists demonstrate together, which can be a true force for change.

What are some new opportunities you plan to pursue in the next year? I am continuing to focus on strategies to promote direct access to my patients and the community. I also hope to volunteer and serve PPS members to give back to the section that has done so much for my personal and professional development.

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