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Think like a CEO and build your dream your way

Whether a single site or multi-clinic business, Peer2Peer can meet your needs.

Peer2Peer NetWorks is based on the “mastermind” principle that allows Private Practice owners of similar, non-competitive practices to come together in small groups (5-8 physical therapists) and share best practices, discuss “hot topics”, establish key metric benchmarks, analyze operations, build life-long friendships, and work toward helping each other improve the bottom line.

“As you can imagine, when we started it was all business discussion, individual challenges, homework assigned by the group, and reflection on the lack structure most of us did not have in our organizations. However, as time passed, the conversations and discussions helped interventions and accountability became much more personal. I went from a small 2-site practice to a 6-site practice, with a merger, and now an exit strategy. But more importantly I have a family of peers that are the most important people in my life, outside of my family.

Peer2Peer NetWorks has been the most significant and useful tool I have done and participated in, during my 40-year career.”

7-year P2P Member

Challenges for Owners

  • May have no one to help them operate an efficient business
  • Don’t have to be accountable to anybody else
  • Lack necessary tools to manage a rapidly changing healthcare system
  • Struggle with managing staff and the business operations
  • Experience periods of “Imposter Syndrome”


Join Peer2Peer NetWorks

Like Peer2Peer owners and their practices, this program continues to evolve since its inception in 2015. The new Peer2Peer 2.0 Curriculum challenges practice owners of all sizes to embrace CEO thinking so they can build the team that will take them to their dream destination. The groups offer a brave place for self-reflection, access to expert panels, promotes peer workshops and cross-group collaborations, and provide the tools for the journey towards success. If now is the right time for you to take your leadership to the next level, we would love to see you in Alexandria this April.

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