PPS 2021 Award Winners

Private Practice Section Announces 2020/2021 Awards

The Private Practice Section is pleased to announce the recipients of the Section’s 2021 awards.

Awards Committee Chair, Kelly McFarland Lawrence, along with committee members Mark Anderson, Andrew Clarke, Steven
Davidson, Patrick Graham (2020), and Terry Brown (2021) presented the following award recommendations to the PPS
Board of Directors for consideration and approval.


Like all associations, PPS is only as strong as its members and volunteers who dedicate their time to advance the
association and profession. It is important for any organization of volunteers to recognize those who lead and serve
on their behalf. The Private Practice Section Board of Directors recognizes trusted colleagues and generous
volunteers of our organization with the Board of Directors Service Award. This Award was established by the Board of
Directors to honor an individual or individuals who have made extraordinary contributions above and beyond the
duties of their role. No group exemplifies this commitment like the PPS COVID-19 Advisory Committee.

On March 13, 2020 PPS created the COVID-19 Advisory Committee to provide content expertise to guide PPS staff and
board members in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and the national emergency declaration on behalf of PPS
members. As each our families and practices faced changes, challenges and uncertainties, these volunteers gave their
time and talents selflessly. Through their personal sacrifice and commitment, we were able to move nimbly, execute
efficiently, innovate and develop necessary resources for PPS members and our profession. These resources are
serving as the road map for members who are navigating this public health crisis.

We would like to express our gratitude to the members of the COVID-19 Advisory Committee for their unprecedented
service. Your efforts have elevated our profession and cared for our members. Thank you for your unwavering support
to our mission and championing the success of the physical therapist in business and beyond.



Terence C. Brown, PT, DPT
Terence C. Brown, PT, DPT

THE ROBERT G. DICUS AWARD acknowledges a single member of the Private Practice Section whose contributions to the
Section and American Physical Therapy Association have gone above and beyond to demonstrate the same exceptional
values showcased by Robert G. Dicus.

Dr. Terence C. Brown, PT, DPT, has exhibited these values in his work with the APTA, PPS, APTA Kentucky, his career,
and his everyday life. Dr. Brown’s impressive resume includes serving as the president of PPS and sitting on many
boards and panels for the APTA and KPTA. He’s also a member of the Board of Trustees for the Foundation for Physical
Therapy Research. He co-created the ProActive for Life 5k Run/Walk, which has benefited WeWannaPlay for the last 13
years, a group that helps low-income students pay for athletic participation. Finally, Dr. Brown has been traveling
to Honduras with the Frankfort First United Methodist Church Ecumenical for almost 20 years providing physical
therapy and serving as the clinic coordinator.

The work he has done with the APTA at the national, chapter, and section levels was described as “epic” by one of
his nominees. He has held multiple elected offices for the KPTA, including President, and at the national level as a
member of APTA’s Nominating Committee. His efforts for the physical therapy community in Kentucky and for those all
around the nation demonstrate his dedication to the profession.

“Terry’s frequent visits to Capitol Hill and the Kentucky State House on behalf of the physical therapy community
and the patients served, demonstrate his public and political commitment to physical therapist owned businesses and,
in many ways, has paved the way for those behind him,” writes one of his nominators, Helene M. Fearon.

Dr. Brown’s nominators all accredit his remarkable service as a leader as a driving factor behind his nomination.
His leadership with the KPTA has helped the KPTA to grow into what it is today. Through the mentorship of numerous
students, young professionals, and his peers, he has helped pass on the art and science of orthopedic manual
therapy. He continually encourages clinicians he interacts with to enhance their skill set. Dr. Brown has enhanced
his own skill set by obtaining a post professional doctorate and many other competencies in business including
strategy, accounting, marketing, leadership, and technology.

Dr. Brown has opened numerous successful clinics through word of mouth and some savvy decision making. His practice
is known for its community service, which has propelled ProActive’s name and private practice physical therapy
throughout the capital of Kentucky, while his work with the state’s leading legislators has helped Kentucky become a
flourishing area for private practice. 


Russel A. Certo, PT
Russel A. Certo, PT

The PPS Community Impact Award was established in 2020 by the PPS Awards Committee to honor an individual who
demonstrates the core values of excellence, integrity, social responsibility, altruism, and professional duty. PPS
presents the first Community Impact Award to Russell A. Certo, PT, in appreciation of his dedicated service to his

Russell Certo has been a Physical Therapist for 35 years and is the Founder of MOG National, which designed and
developed the idea of an integrated physical therapy practice and medically oriented gym (MOG). The MOG program
incorporates a collaborative effort of many health care providers working together to reduce chronic disease and
promote the population’s health. The MOG has certainly brought together Russell’s community and communities across
the country. He has become a leading expert in the field of medical fitness and lifestyle management.

His latest project, the Jericho Road project, continues this community work which has become a signature of
Russell’s life’s work. “Jericho Road” is a non-profit ‘health hub’ for underserved and underprivileged persons. It
has a primary care physician, dentist, pharmacy, and, thanks to Certo, a Medically Oriented Gym (MOG) to meet the
physical therapy and health and wellness needs of the people it serves. With this foundation, it has continued to
grow beyond anyone’s imaginings and has become a beacon for those seeking refuge in many areas.

“Russ saw a need, knew he had the physical therapy and physical medicine expertise required, and stepped in to
provide a much-needed service. He did not hesitate to enter on the uncharted ground floor and collectively, this
amazing organization has helped countless people in their time of need; an example for all of what a servant’s heart
looks like,” writes one of his nominators, Donna Newman, DPT.

Russell Certo’s time and efforts in this endeavor have been substantial. His work demonstrates the credibility of
physical therapy’s inclusion in proactive health and wellness.


Justin Moore and the APTA Board of Directors

The Friend of Private Practice Award goes to those who have shown distinguished contributions of time, energy, or
expertise toward promoting the goals of the Section, as well as physical therapist-owned business. The PPS Board of
Directors is pleased to honor APTA CEO Justin Moore and the APTA Board of Directors as recipients of the Section’s
2021 Friend of Private Practice Award. Their recognition of the primary care-level clinical decision-making
responsibility by physical therapists ensured patient access to our care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The early days of the COVID-19 pandemic tested and forged the leaders of our profession who were required to make
decisions without much information, consider the unanticipated aftereffects of those decisions on the future of the
profession, and face unprecedented adversity from those who did not agree. Justin and the APTA Board trusted
physical therapists to make care decisions based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, with professional
judgment and in consideration of the best interests of patients.

Through their leadership and vision for our profession, Justin Moore and the APTA Board of Directors empowered and
championed the physical therapist in business to provide essential healthcare for their patients and their
communities at a time when they needed us the most.

Justin Moore and the APTA Board of Directors