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If you have been to a national meeting, such as the Private Practice Section (PPS) Annual Conference, you have no doubt enjoyed the opportunity to exchange business ideas and stories with fellow members from around the country at the bar, over coffee, or in the exhibit hall between sessions. These conversations can be energizing, but then when you return to work after the conference, frustration ensues because you have difficulty setting into motion what you learned, heard, and/or discussed. You lack the support, accountability, and details, so you return to business as usual. You know there is a better way, but you just cannot figure it out on your own.

Recognizing this frustration and need the PPS board of directors, by a unanimous vote, approved the formation of the ground-breaking Mastermind Group program. In its quest to provide value and innovation to members so that they can stay ahead of the rapid changes in health care, the PPS board is continually proactive in identifying new ways to deliver value to members.

The Mastermind Group helps its members learn, improve, and achieve success. In the PPS version of the Mastermind Group, a professional facilitator will form groups of six to ten executives based on size and type of practice (among other factors). The groups will meet twice a year for structured face-to-face meetings. Content experts may be secured using PPS resources to provide education and stimulate discussion.

Participants challenge each other to question assumptions, assess strengths and weaknesses, set goals and, above all, accomplish those goals. Members support each other and hold each other accountable to those goals. The group requires trust, commitment, and confidentiality. Therefore, members are assigned to groups that do not include potential or current competitors.

Participation is interactive. Members give and receive advice and ideas. The groups learn and grow together, leveraging the unique strengths of each other as a willingness to ask probing questions and openly share experiences builds the foundation for mutual success.

The first meeting of the mastermind groups will take place in Alexandria, Virginia April 27 to 29, 2016. Groups are being formed now. Please visit the Private Practice Section (PPS) website or call the PPS office for more information and to complete an application. Once your application is received you will be contacted for a personal interview by the program facilitator. The purpose of that call will be to learn more about you and your goals so that you may be placed in the optimal group.

Finally, we are pleased to announce that Randy Roesch has been brought on as the program facilitator. Roesch has a long track record of vision, dedication, and leadership in PPS. She has had a successful career as a business owner. She brings a wealth of credibility and acumen to the position.  

In the summer of 2015, PPS ran a pilot program to refine the Mastermind Group concept. Here are comments from those who participated:

Owning a private practice takes daily diligence, an enormous effort to numerous details, and a ton of personal confidence. Delivering exceptional clinical and operational excellence requires humility toward your peers and vulnerability to the extent that someone else may know a better idea or process. The peer advisory process forces owners beyond their daily norm.”
– Darrin Schober, Owner, Optimum Therapies, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Having a vehicle to bring together fellow practice owners in a collaborative environment as we did in Washington, D.C., at American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) headquarters was priceless. We each had an opportunity to share our strengths with a group of well-respected peers. I returned from our meeting looking at marketing and operations from a different perspective, and I can say that it had a major impact on my practice and my thought process. It was invigorating, relationship building, and sparked innovative thought. That alone truly created a valuable experience that continues to build on itself. Who would not benefit from the equivalent of a board of advisors to bounce ideas off of?”
– Dan Rootenberg, SPEAR Physical Therapy, New York, New York

The intimacy of the small group setting offered by PPS Masterminds promotes a trusting environment that cannot be achieved with traditional networking. And it is the trust that allows private practice owners, both new and experienced, large and small, to sit down side by side and effectively work on the issues affecting our industry. Within six months of leaving the initial Masterminds meeting, I have implemented five major practice changes that have influenced my clinic’s growth. I cannot imagine not participating in an opportunity like the Masterminds group. It is an unparalleled form of mentorship that is not available elsewhere in physical therapy.”
– Kristen Wilson, Action Potential PT, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania

The peer advisory pilot was an invaluable opportunity to learn from peers in a safe, honest, and dynamic environment. I was challenged to think about many aspects of my practice: management, marketing, professional development, and my own leadership style. I left excited and refreshed with new ideas and a broader understanding of the opportunities that existed to further develop my practice. Finally, I developed trustworthy, genuine relationships with like-minded people that I know will continue to develop and enrich my professional career.”
– Michelle Collie, Performance PT, Providence, RI

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