PPS Peer2Peer Summit Virtual Program Recap


The Private Practice Section (PPS) held their 2020 Peer2Peer Summit Virtual Program June 24-25, 2020, with more than 100 members from PPS’s Peer2PeerNetWorks gathering online to share best practices, discus hot topics, establish key metric benchmarks, analyze operations, build life-long friendships, and work toward helping each other improve their practice’s bottom line.

Carrie Stankiewicz, Chief Operating Officer for PPS, says that the virtual summit provided a way for Peer2Peer members to continue the dialog about their practices.

“The goal of Peer2Peer is to provide a forum for participants to interact with other practice owners who are similar to them but are not competitors,” Stankiewicz said. “In a way, they become a kind of informal advisory board, if you will. People that you can talk to about issues, hot topics, and how your practice is going.” During the two-day meeting, members of the Peer2Peer NetWorks were split into a “class” according to the year they joined the Peer2Peer NetWorks program. Each class reviewed content specifically designed for them.

The 2019 class reviewed common operation systems that organizations use and listened to panelists discuss some different types of organizations systems and how the class of 2019 could apply them in their private practice. The 2020 class reviewed the PPS Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Benchmarking Study. PPS developed the KPI Benchmarking Study as a way for PPS members to collect and benchmark KPI for their own practice. Once the study is complete, members receive a detailed individual report and an aggregated report that breaks down their KPI metrics by practice size, region of the country, and care model. KPI Benchmarking Study participants gain a clearer picture of how their KPI metrics stack up against similar practices.

However, the report isn’t all Peer2Peer participants gain from participating; they also work together to analyze data as it relates to their individual practices. “They can measure how their practice is doing against other practices in various regions, and work with others to analyze that data and actually put that data to use for their practice.” (The KPI Benchmarking Study was opened to all PPS members, beginning in 2019. If you are interested in taking part in the KPI Benchmarking Study, you can learn more here. Registration for the next study will open in October 2020.)

Additional programs for older classes included a panel discussion on succession planning, during which several panelists from the industry presented and engaged participants in small-group roundtable discussions. Recordings of the full Peer2Peer Summit Virtual Program will be available online for Peer2Peer NetWorks members. PPS members interested in joining the Peer2Peer program can apply online.

We’ll see you in Washington, DC, at the 2020 PPS Annual Conference and Exhibition, October 28-31, 2020. Visit www.PPSAPTA.org for more information and updates.

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