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Answers to July’s Question: What personal, professional, or other investment yielded your best return? What would you tell your younger self?

“While I’m not yet treating patients, I’d tell my younger self to invest a small amount ($15-$20) into a savings/401(K) each month and read Mind Set by Carol Eweck.”

Hope Clauhs, SPT

“The best investment I made personally was allowing myself to take suggestions from my husband, family, and friends. Being an entrepreneur, I think we have a false belief that we are supposed to have all the answers or always know what is best for our practice. That is simply not true, and sometimes, it was difficult for me to take suggestions or direction as I couldn’t see how I was getting in my own way. These same people would also be able to tell me when I was working too hard or not taking care of myself so that I could stay healthy to run my practice.

The best investment I made professionally was on my people. I built a team of leaders around me, pushing me to think outside of my own box, my own ways, so that we could always be fresh, cutting edge, and growing. I invested in these people both financially and with time and training. It was vital to my success in my practice, for 30 years, that the people I surrounded myself with knew that they could be honest, daring, and valued at my company.
I believe the best investments we can make for the success of our business is in taking care of ourselves and our employees.

If I was able to talk to my younger self, I would tell me to not believe that you know it all, or are supposed to have all of the answers. Build a network around you, that not only includes professionals that you pay, but people and colleagues that will challenge you, critique you, and call you out on your obstacles. Believe in your passion, and surround yourself with people that also share that passion.”

Lisa Mackell, PT

Theraplay, Inc.

August’s Question:

What is your favorite way to decompress?
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