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Answers to May’s Question: What is your most effective community outreach initiative?

“Over 15 years ago we wanted our patients to have easy access to half foam rolls, but we did not yet sell retail items. So, in talking to our accountant we learned that items up to $25 can be given away as marketing. We then bought the half foam rolls and asked for a $10 donation from the patient. Twice a year we vote as a clinic to choose which nonprofits to whom the money will be donated. To date we have donated over $19,000 to more than 30 organizations. Feels good!”

Ingrid Sparrow, PT
Sound Physical Therapy

“We have been working with our local firefighters offering free screening and injury prevention tips including providing them with exercises to keep them on the job and free from injury. As a result, we have had success in saving the city money on worker’s compensation claims as well as keeping our firefighters on the job.”

Phil Cadman
Premier Physical Therapy

“Maintaining a community presence during the COVID-19 pandemic certainly pushed creativity to a whole new level. We stayed connected with people by providing a steady stream of information regarding our new telehealth service using our social media platforms, the local newspaper, and through our hometown radio station. Free and easy!”

Alicia Backer
Rehab Authority

“Our most effective community outreach right now: Each day we are posting on Facebook a daily stretch that people can do in order to stay flexible.”

Matt Slimming
Star Fitness Center

“Since social isolation began, we’ve been providing free online workouts at lunch time and they’ve gone over really well.”

Craig Phifer
Rehabilitation and Performance Institute, PSC

June’s Question:

What unique KPI do you track and how did you move the needle on it?
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