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Answers to September’s Question: What’s the most creative business idea you have ever tried?

“The most effective “out of the box” business idea was an idea given to me by my wife, who was also on our marketing team.

Debbie predicted that it would be highly successful in our rural area in Maryland. Idea: send all of our front desk workers to a high-end spa in the Florida Keys for a combination customer service talk and appreciation gesture. We had four offices that had been open less than four years. Debbie also has led ladies’ conferences and has been a featured speaker at events. Those attending met at a park and ride at 4 a.m. and carpooled to the Baltimore airport. Each center director met attendees at the airport, placed a lei around their neck and wished them bon voyage! Attendees were treated to facials, massages, and great food, along with brief presentations about the meaning of our company and our vision.

When they returned, our entire community soon heard of the adventure! We had 200 unsolicited applications. Everyone wanted to work for us and receive therapy from us. We have been voted the best therapy practice every year, and we smile at the amazing result of this extravagant investment.”

John Taylor, PT
Agape Physical Therapy

October’s Question:

What was your biggest marketing failure?
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