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Take Advantage of the PPS Marketing Resources!

By Peter Decoteau

One of the great benefits of being a member of our Section is that you have access to a wealth of valuable resources created and curated by experienced physical therapy professionals from around the nation.

The Marketing Committee is proud to have hundreds of resources and materials available, ranging from an archive of Impact articles to video interviews, social media content, press releases and more, collected on the Section’s website and emailed in a monthly toolkit. The purpose of most of these resources is to offer expert insights into marketing theory, strategies, and opportunities, and also to provide content that is free and ready to use when needed.

Ultimately, the goal is to help make your job a little less stressful by giving you marketing ideas and content that can be adapted and used any way you see fit!

The committee also regularly hosts live webinars, covering topics such as setting benchmarking metrics and maximizing your use of The Fit Factor. Recently, committee members Michelle Collie and Jenna Kantor hosted a webinar that provided an overview of the numerous marketing resources available and how to access them.

Here are some of the highlights and resources covered in depth in the webinar – and always available to Section members:


Marketing is an ever-evolving practice that nevertheless relies on tried-and-true theories and methodologies across industries. Many resources featured on the Section’s website and in various platforms and publications aim to educate members on broad marketing theories while also identifying how these theories can be put into practice to promote and grow your business. Common topics covered include measuring return on investment (ROI) for marketing activities, social media content strategy, brand building, lead generation, and much more.

The archive of Impact magazine articles can be an invaluable supply of marketing ideas, tips and strategies relevant to all types of practices, from the single clinic operation to companies with dozens of clinics across multiple states. Articles dating back to 2014 can be accessed on the website at In addition, you can find a categorized archive of white papers, educational videos, and webinars at the bottom of the Marketing Resources page. In the past two years, the marketing committee has also hosted many of our members and other experts in video interviews which have been shared in a collection called “99 Marketing Ideas.” This is a series of video vignettes featuring physical therapists explaining strategies that have worked for them in the real world. These brief, one- to five-minute videos are categorized on the website by “Physician Marketing” and “Direct Marketing” and cover a range of subtopics, including physician development, advertising, community development, digital marketing, and even marketing in the COVID-era. The full archive of videos can be accessed on the Marketing Resources page under the link for “99 Marketing Ideas.”


In addition to covering marketing theories and strategies, there are hundreds of useable materials and assets available on the Marketing Resources page and via the Monthly Marketing Toolkit, which is emailed to all Section members monthly. These materials include press releases, infographics, full blog posts, sample social media posts, and more, all ready to use with no attribution required. Press releases and blog posts are available in downloadable formats and ready to share with your media contacts or on your website – all they require is for you to plug in your own brand name and information – while you can easily add your own logo to any of the downloadable graphics using any basic image editor.

All of these materials can be found on the Marketing Resources page under the links for “Monthly Marketing Toolkit” and “Marketing Blog,” ordered by date, and “Social Media Shareables,” ordered by topic.

Staying on top of new marketing platforms and strategies while also producing high-quality, engaging content is difficult enough for full-time marketing professionals. Trying to do so while running a business and/or treating patients can be near impossible! Taking advantage of the Marketing Committee’s hundreds of available resources can help you better understand the “why” and the “how” of your marketing activities, while also providing ready-to-use content and materials that can save you time and money. To access these materials, visit the Marketing Resources page on the Section’s website at via the “Marketing Resources” link under the “Practice Management” dropdown menu.

Peter Decoteau

Peter Decoteau is the Director of Marketing at Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Centers (PTSMC), Connecticut’s largest private practice physical therapy company. He can be reached at

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