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By Scott Spradling

The best friend a private practice owner can have is information about the health and wellbeing of his or her clinic. Whether you are a one practitioner office that keeps a paper copy of daily statistics, or a large group with multiple offices or regions that has to compile monthly data from multiple reports, the newly redesigned Roambi Analytics 7 is the application for you.

Roambi Analytics brings your data to life anywhere and anytime in just three easy steps. Import, format, and publish. What makes it so attractive is the ease in which the not-so-tech-savvy users can quickly and simply transform raw data into colorful interactive charts and graphs. You start on a website where you can download fully formatted templates based on the type of report you want to present. After replacing the demo data with your real data, you simply upload and follow the prompts that will take you through the formatting process. It’s here where you can choose which type of graph or chart you wish to display, choose the color, set your trend markers, scale up or down your timelines, even choose to include the actual numbers. Your final step is to publish to your cloud library and instantly, your analytics are ready for presentation on your iPhone or iPad.

Roambi Analytics offers two product plans, Roambi Lite and Roambi Business. After downloading the free Lite application, Roambi Lite offers five different unique styles of reporting. Roambi Business offers a more robust menu, but comes at a price of $35/user per month, with a 10-user minimum. Having used Roambi at my own clinic, I can honestly say for most clinics, Roambi Lite offers you more than you will need, and it is free.

Whatever product plan you choose, all the reports are interactive with rich colorful graphs, charts, and tables. You can view information from an overall company view or detailed per clinic, therapist, month, and procedure. The options are endless. All you have to think about is what information is truly important to include.

Once published, you can display these wonderful analytics on the screen, take a screen shot, import them into reports, or even send full static reports to anyone directly within the application.

Currently Roambi Analytics is available only through iTunes for the Apple iPad or iPhone, but the company does recognize that the Android market is picking up, so we might see that option shortly down the road.

Scott Spradling is on the Administrators’ Council and serves as a liaison to the Impact editorial board. He is an administrator for Movement Systems Physical Therapy, PC, in Seattle, Washington, and can be reached at

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