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Heed these guideposts to avoid chaos in your practice

By Monty Miller, MBA
What sets high-performing practices apart from mediocre performing practices and those in chaos? On the scale of volume and payment per encounter, physical therapy is a high-volume, lower-reimbursing specialty. Are you performing insurance verifications on all new patients in a systematic
manner? Do you register a new patient the same way every time? Do you track authorizations? Are you stuck in the documentation review cycle? Do you understand and strategically develop your payer landscape? Is your staff proficient in coding accurately and optimally? Are you converting all of your referrals to new patients, back-filling
cancellations and no-shows, and maximizing your arrival rate and visits per
patient? Is your attention on your analytics? Are you taking care of your people? Chaos and uncertainty are not going away action item

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Monty Miller, MBA

Monty Miller, MBA, is co-owner and president of Momentum Billing LLC in San Diego, CA. He can be reached at

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