The Art of the Elevator Pitch

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By Sarah Black, MS

The classic elevator pitch—that 30- to 60-second explanation of what you do—is a chance to briefly showcase the value of what you do to a listener.

For private practice physical therapists, that listener could be a referral source, prospective customer, or even a partner or investor, so a well-crafted elevator pitch is vital to setting the stage for beneficial interactions. However, boiling down the skill and value of what you do into a brief pitch can be overwhelming. Or, worse, your pitch can miss the mark and disengage listeners. Whether you’re drafting your first elevator pitch or need to revitalize an established one, the following will help you create, evaluate, and fine-tune effective elevator pitches.

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Sarah Black, MS

Sarah Black, MS, is a writer and editor based in New Jersey. She previously served as director of content and creative at Association Headquarters and publication manager for Impact.

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