The Huddle

By Bill Pfister Jr, PT, MPT, CLT

Creating a positive clinic culture fosters personal and professional growth. A growing practice can have many challenges that can distract and cause a team to lose focus. One strategy I have implemented in my clinic to prevent this from happening is the “Huddle.” Every week, my clinic has two, 10-minute huddles. The huddle is a time of reflection and focuses on personal and professional growth. A leader presents the team with a specific topic during the huddle, which usually reflects our company values: integrity, communication, quality care, exceptional service are just a few. The leader chooses another team member to lead the next huddle. The huddle encourages engagement of the whole team. This action has proven to be an excellent way to engage in positive clinic culture as a team and is a great way to fulfill your team members, build strong relationships, and create leadership opportunities for your staff. This 10 to 20 minutes a week will prove to be invaluable to your team’s cohesion, while helping them focus on company values and goal execution.


Bill Pfister Jr, PT, MPT, CLT, is a PPS member and an Impact editorial board member and partner with RET Physical Therapy Group. He is the director of Meridian Physical Therapy in Puyallup, Washington. He can be reached at

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