Top 5 Apps for Physical Therapy Clinic Leaders

By Katie Schmitt, PT, DPT

“Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can become.” – Sam Walton

As the leader you motivate your team; however, you too deserve inspiration to stay sharp, to stay on top, to follow your vision. When in doubt, turn to your phone. There are many great apps that can help you, and in turn your clinic and team, to the next level.

innerwill app

Drive Business with Your Personality

If you were lucky enough to attend the 2017 PPS Annual Conference, you may have had the chance to have your personality analyzed and to learn “How to Fascinate” with Sally Hogshead. Knowing who you are is essential to becoming your best self. A phone app called Igniter from InnerWill (igniter.innerwill.org) helps you learn what makes you tick and how to maximize what is special about you.

2do app

Make Lists Work

For those who like lists, 2Do (2doapp.com) is a must have app. This organization system works with Mac and Android. You can organize things not only by date but also by category. Additionally, you can set deadlines, allowing your phone to hold you accountable.

Day One app

An Organized Stream of Consciousness

Some people like to write down every idea that inspires them. Additionally, they say that journaling is a great way to recognize things you may not be dealing with at the surface. No matter what your reason for writing things down, try journaling on a sleek platform. Day One (dayoneapp.com) helps you fall into this virtual habit that can make you a better leader.

Habit Tracker app

Tracking Leadership Habits

As we tell our patients, you have to stick with what we prescribe and make the new behavior a habit. The same holds true for habits such as initiating team meetings or complimenting staff on well-written patient notes. Productive Habit Tracker from Apple (at itunes.apple.com) is a tool that will motivate you to build a new habit.

Hours app

Managing Your Time

With patients, we break everything into 8- to 22-minute blocks. What about your own time? Are you aware of how you spend it? Whether you want to develop a work–life balance or understand administrative planning versus patient time, Hours (hourstimetracking.com) is the app for you. With this tracking system you can account for your day down to the minute with this easy to run and organize timing app.

Chances are, your phone is not far from reach. This quarter, use one of these great apps to help you become a better leader. What is your favorite app to improve your role as a leader for a physical therapy private practice?

Katie Schmitt

Katie Schmitt, PT, DPT, is a recent graduate physical therapist from Columbia University Medical Center. She can be reached at kms2282@cumc.columbia.edu.