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By Ann Wendel, PT, ATC, CMTPT

The past few years have seen exponential growth in opportunities for physical therapists to connect and learn from one another via social media. At any time of the day or night, you can log onto Twitter or Facebook and find a relevant conversation about anything from clinical practice to research. You can find information about any course you might want to take, book reviews, and on-the-go learning opportunities such as podcasts.

I often hear from other therapists that they are overwhelmed by all of the information floating around on the internet, and they say that they do not know where to start. I have heard folks say that Twitter is a flow of information like water coming out of a firehose, and many beginners feel like they just cannot keep up.

One group of therapists has set out on a mission to gather all of the content you need to know in one place. The founders of Up Doc Media are determined to provide the very best content with clinical precision.

Dr. Gene Shirokobrod and Dr. Joe Palmer started a podcast called Therapy Insiders in 2013. They quickly gained listeners and brought Dr. Erson Religioso on board for the podcast. The three have recently formed Up Doc Media and added Dr. Ben Fung to the mix. They are quickly growing and currently have four podcasts on various topics ranging from business to weight training.

Up Doc Media has the goal of expanding to provide not only podcasts but also webinars and other learning opportunities. The offerings allow therapists to share their stories and educate in the process. In discussing the value of storytelling, Gene says:

What if you could truly connect with people? We place so much value on making connections, but often forget what that means. Social media has become a game-changing vehicle of digital connection. However, with the convenience of 140 characters you lose the personal connection of voice and stories. At the end of the day, we make connections by relating to each other’s stories. At Up Doc Media we are interested in creating content that people can relate to. We want to tell stories that will resonate with people. We want to make real connections.

The original Therapy Insiders podcast strives to gain insider input and perspective on all the information floating around from the experts and then dissect it to get to the core of what is useful in the clinical setting.

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If you are interested in connecting about Business, Bourbon, and Baseball, Jerry Durham has you covered. In his podcast, he discusses the successes and failures of various businesses ranging from Starbucks to health care clinics. As a little spoiler alert, it all comes back to the customer experience.

If running is your thing, Amanda Loudin explains that running is more than just exercise. It is an escape, a personal oasis of controlled release from the daily grind. She believes that just as no runner is exactly the same, neither are their stories. She shares on her podcast, Running Stories.

Those interested in the rehab to performance aspect of physical therapy will find useful information on the Strength Doc podcast with Dr. John Rusin. John breaks down myths, interviews the world’s top health and fitness professionals, and provides article breakdowns, exercise explanations, and more.

Check out Up Doc Media at their new website, http://updocmedia.com/. You are sure to find something of interest, and they are expanding with new offerings every day. 


Ann Wendel, PT, ATC, CMTPT, is an Impact editorial board member and owner of Prana Physical Therapy, PLLC, in Alexandria, Virginia. She can be reached at bizpt1@gmail.com.

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