Use Your Physical Therapy Blog!

By Ben Montgomery,

Few things are sadder in the physical therapy marketing world than a clinic blog that is underused or completely ignored.

We have all seen them: physical therapy blogs that proclaim “Hello world!” because no other posts have been added, or those once-used-but-soon-forgotten blogs whose most recent posts date back a year or more.

What makes them sad from a marketing perspective—more disappointing, really—is that such blogs indicate physical therapists are underutilizing one of their greatest marketing tools.

Yes, I’m talking about your blog—a simple website tool that can pack a mighty punch if you use it right.

Each time you post to your blog, you are essentially adding a new page to your website. And on said page, you are likely also adding valuable, search-ready keywords and phrases within your blog’s content. Such new features—the page and the content— attract the attention of search engine algorithms across the web, which over time are likely to reward your website with higher and higher rankings.

That is not all. New content on your blog also forms the basis for developing a content marketing strategy built around consistency and the use of a variety of channels that point back to your website. Such channels can include email marketing, social media, press releases, print collateral, and even paid ads that draw traffic to your site—and eventually to your clinic’s front door.

A utilized blog can pack a powerful punch, but where do you find material? What to write about? The short answer: Write what you know. Here are some ideas:

  • The News: Where timely health, sports, and lifestyle news connect with movement, injury, musculoskeletal issues, etc., provide a physical therapist’s thoughts and professional perspective.
  • Your Clinic: All clinics are continually changing, evolving, and growing. Are you providing new services, offering new programs, hiring new physical therapy staff members, receiving additional training? Blog about it!
  • Your Clients: Success stories don’t have to be long to be effective. And as a physical therapist, you likely have a bunch of them. This is your chance to show how physical therapy can affect lives for the better.
  • Your Experience: Physical therapists are natural educators, so use your blog to educate! Share warmup ideas, stretches to help relieve back pain, bike fitting ideas … whatever you happen to be passionate about!

You do not have to be a great writer to maintain an effective blog. It simply takes time (not as much as you think!), discipline, and a little creativity—regardless of talent. “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without,” as Confucius said.

Ben-Montgomery Ben Montgomery is a former journalist who applies years of copywriting and message development experience toward serving physical therapists through, the marketing services arm of Vantage Clinical Solutions, which serves private practice clinicians with content marketing and web development solutions. He can be reached at

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